Are your jackets true to size?

Yes, we recommend choosing your regular size but our garments also have a lot of adjustable parts so that they can be used for layering throughout the year, and don’t forget the fabric has four-way stretch – take these things into consideration when deciding upon size. Returns are always free and easy if the fit isn’t right.

What if I’m not a standard size?

The cut of each garment is obviously different so feel free to drop us a line on [email protected] so we can help advise based on the garment you are interested in and your particular measurements.

Do you have any other tips for deciding upon sizing?

We do.

It is worth noting the sleeves are intentionally long on all our pieces to keep the rain out. The hood and neck areas are designed specifically for keeping you dry whilst being able to move freely too, so these areas use generous amounts of fabric and make the collars high particularly on the funnel neck of the Parka.

Do you have specific garment measurements?

Again, we do.

Our full size guides are available if you look in the Sizing chart within each style. We know charts are boring but if you really want to be sure, get the tape measure out and have a look!

How lightweight are your jackets?

Our garments are made from a lightweight but windproof and stretchy fabric that is intentionally designed for all-year use – use as the final waterproof layer on the coldest winter days.

How hard-wearing are your products?

All our jackets, though soft and luxurious to touch, are extremely hard wearing. The technology we have used is tried and tested and they are much tougher than they look and feel.

Are your jackets good for travel?

Yes they are especially good for travel. They don’t crease and take up very little space – particularly good for shoving into small bags!

Why do people buy your jackets?

One of the main reasons people buy our jackets, and it is the reason we designed and made them, is that they can be worn for just about every activity. They are completely appropriate for wearing to a smart occasion as well as on a hike up a hill.

How do I wash my Protected Species jacket?

 You can wash all our garments in the washing machine at 30° – we recommend you use NikWax Techwash to keep them performing well. Please don’t use biological powder as it may damage the waterproof membrane.

Will I need to reproof my jacket?

Like all waterproofs they will need to be reproofed every so often. We recommend using NikWax Tx Direct in your machine.

How did you decide on the colours for the pieces? Will you add more?

We started off with 2 colours. We’ve experimented and added. We are clear that we are not about fashion colours and we are about colours which blend with existing wardrobes as much as possible. We will continue to experiment and may add to the range in time but the technology and the design is the thing we are most focused on evolving.

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