How To Create An All-Year-Round Capsule Wardrobe Through Layering


Overwhelming, wasteful and bad for the environment, the days of expansive and overflowing wardrobes are thankfully coming to an end. In its place, minimalist capsule wardrobes are the new must-have. 

In place of hundreds of pieces that often just don’t go together or are in one season and out the next, the capsule wardrobe concept centres around quality and longevity rather than quantity. Each piece is well-crafted, versatile, and pairs with almost every other piece in your wardrobe, creating many different outfit options, so you’ll never be bored. 

What’s more, capsule wardrobes reduce decision fatigue and help you to define your style year-round. A well-planned closet, (think core wide leg trousers, long sleeved dresses, a range of base layers in different colours, and an essential Women’s Waterproof Rain Coat  can see you through the year by using clever layering and pieces which really suit your style and shape.

So, how can you get started on creating a capsule wardrobe that sees you through each season?

Set your colour palette

When choosing pieces for your capsule wardrobe, first think about the colour palette. Choose colours that you naturally gravitate towards that will suit all seasons. For lovers of bright colours, mustard hues, greens, blues, and burgundy tones are perfect for all seasons. Tan hues and monochromatic pieces are ideal for those who prefer a more muted colour palette.

If choosing a colour palette is too hard, some people opt to have their ‘colours done’. This is where a colour stylist finds out more about your lifestyle, skin type, natural colouring and preferences to provide swatches of the colours that best suit you and your personality. You leave with a book of your colour palette which means you know exactly what colours to seek out that will always complement your natural colouring. 

Layering with sweaters and base layerLayer up

The next step is to consider items that will serve you for years to come. Layering is key to achieving a stylised look that’s practical in every weather, and base layers are vital for achieving the perfect balance of warmth and style. Trapping air between layers is the key to being warm – choosing multiple thinner layers will keep you warm in winter without adding bulk and allow you to use the same pieces in the warmer months. 

Leggings are in

Leggings are a staple item. Current trouser trends are now more wide-leg and natural fit, with ‘mom’ jeans being the new wardrobe staple. This means it is easy to wear leggings underneath for extra warmth in winter. You can also wear leggings under dresses for warmth without compromising style.

Protected Species Womens waterproof jacket for all seasonsBulky is out

As well as skinny fit jeans, heavy jackets are also a thing of the past. A good layering system is more versatile and is warmer than one thick coat. Worn slightly oversized, the Trench Coat has been an iconic piece of clothing for decades and remains popular today thanks to its unique shape and tailored cut. A Women’s Lightweight Waterproof Jacket is a staple item in every capsule wardrobe, ideal for throwing on during summer showers but also keeping you dry in winter and warm when paired with a thermal mid-layer. Women’s waterproof parkas or any stylish Lightweight Women’s Waterproof Coat with a Hood is a staple in every wardrobe and can be versatile layed up or down for every season.

In winter, trench coats are ideal to layer over cosy jumpers, fleeces or even a hoodie for a more modern casual style. Add a trench coat to a casual outfit to give a sense of elegance and elevated style, with a belt to cinch the waist.

Timeless tailoring with crisp shirts and peg top trousersTop tailoring

Adding a selection of well-tailored and carefully selected shirts and dresses to your wardrobe is key to keeping your wardrobe flexible. Pair your dress with minimalist accessories and a trench coat for an on-trend spring/summer look that is sure to turn heads and be practical from day to night. As the weather turns colder, you can add tights and a long-sleeved top or jumper under your dress, again paired with your trusty mac to add elegance and a tailored flair. 

Light-weight flowing shirts can be tucked into boxy shorts and topped with a trench coat for a stylish summer smart-casual look, then swap to well-fitted trousers for the cooler months. 

Choosing the right pieces and investing in staple items is key to a capsule wardrobe. Look at your current trusty favourites, what makes you feel good, and what pieces you can introduce that help you feel your best and can give you multiple style options. 

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