Germany’s 6 Best Outdoor Adventures

Germany’s 6 Best Outdoor Adventures

With spring on the horizon, the dream of spending more time outdoors is becoming more of a reality as every hour passes. The drudgery of winter weather can weigh on a person, and the arrival of the warmer months makes planning outdoor adventures much more exciting. 

Germany is a beautiful place to spend some time in the great outdoors, and adventures are abound in this great European country. Some of the best outdoor activities in Germany are simplistic and invigorating, and can make your 2020 summer one for the books. So, what are the best activity ideas for nature lovers in Germany? Let’s take a look!

1. Extreme Camping in Pfronten

There’s camping – and then there’s the type of camping that you will remember for the rest of your life… The Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht resort in Pfronten is one of the best ways to take outdoor adventures in Germany to the next level. 

The resort offers visitors hanging tents, which are suspended from trees overlooking the mountains. These tents are quite a trek to get to, meaning you’ll have to climb up steep areas and pull yourself up a series of ropes and cables – but the panoramic views of the surrounding area are stunning and well worth the hike. 

2. Beach Days at Sylt and Rügen

For the outdoor enthusiast who is more into relaxation and serenity than hiking, spending a day (or a few days!) at one of Germany’s many sandy beaches is the perfect way to go. Sylt in the Wadden Sea offers a little bit of everything. The island has sand dunes to explore, a vibrant array of bars and 25 miles of beach to lounge on. 

For those who want to experience some of the most beautiful natural wonders, a visit to the island of Rügen is one of the most popular outdoor holiday ideas in Germany. For a hike through some of the most beautiful white chalk cliffs in the world, Jasmund National Park is the place to visit. The villages on the island are picturesque, and a day spent biking or walking through this unique area will be a day well spent. 

Rügen Island is a one-stop shop for all things outdoor adventure.

Image by Crispy-Fotografie on Pixabay: Rügen Island is a one-stop shop for all things outdoor adventure. 

3. Choose Your Own Adventure in Oberstdorf 

If you’re the type of person who likes a good mix of extreme excursion and calm relaxation, Oberstdorf is the place to be. The quaint mountain town has the perfect combination of charm and excitement, with a wide array of activities to choose from and a beautiful backdrop to take in. 

The waterfalls in the Breitachklamm rocky gorges will take your breath away while you enjoy a hike through some of the most beautiful natural areas in the country. Obserstdorf is also family-friendly, so if you have little ones with you on your holiday, there will be some fun for the whole family.  

4. Hike in the Black Forest 

For a serene escape into Germany, the Black Forest is the best place to be. The area is made up of hills and beautiful forested areas spanning 200 kilometres, offering trails that range in difficulty. You can embrace the Rhine River and enjoy a leisurely canoe through the woods, or sail away your worries on Titisee Lake. 

5. Experience True Beauty in Bastei 

Bastei is a stunning rock formation in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The true beauty of Mother Nature is on show in the breathtaking view of these unique formations. To take the view to the next level, you can hike your way to the top of the peak to get a truly panoramic look at the area. 

If you’re a lover of hiking, Bastei is true bucket-list material. Plus, there’s a restaurant with a wide array of meal options to refuel you after a day of connecting with nature in all its wonder. 

Explore the stunning views of the Bastei from the Bastei bridge.

Image by Julius Silver on Pixabay: Explore the stunning views of the Bastei from the Bastei bridge. 

6. Embrace Adventure in Taunus 

Outdoor enthusiasts will not want to miss the unique and interesting German destination that is Taunus. This lush forest is the perfect place to test your climbing abilities, even if you’re not an avid climber – they have courses for everyone. The mountain rage has stunning views and a jungle-like vibe that will leave anyone feeling like Tarzan. 

If climbing isn’t your thing, Taunus also has a lot of other wonderful activities to choose from that will allow you to soak in the spring weather without hitting the adrenaline-on button. Hessenpark is an open-air museum that offers visitors a true portrait of urban architecture. 

What to pack for outdoor adventures in Germany

Whether you’re planning a calming walk through a historic open-air museum or challenging yourself to one of the most intense hikes of your life, you’ll need to make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. With the spring weather, you won’t want to wear anything too heavy; the PS Waterproof City Walker will help you explore in style, even if there’s a little spring shower. The Waterproof Bomber Jacket will also be the perfect addition to your hiking attire as you scour the forests of Germany for peace and connection. It will keep you warm, protected from the elements, and stylish for all those pictures you’re bound to take!

Featured image by Hanna Viellehner on Unsplash 

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