The Best Female Friendly Golf Clubs In The UK

The beautiful game of Golf has always been encumbered with it’s somewhat exlusive history towards women. The adage Gentlemen only, Ladies forbidden spelling out the sport’s name could be one reason for the lack of women involved in the game in the past, but now the number of female golfers is currently at an all-time high, with over 6.2 million players. However, around 77% of golfers are male, meaning there is still a huge demographic difference in the sport. What’s made this divide even harder is that some courses still have an all-male membership policy, locking women out of the game in certain locations around the world.

However, there are many golf courses and clubs worldwide that are catering for female players, making the sport more accessible than ever.

For your next golf trip, throw on your best ladies waterproof golf jacket and take yourself away to one of these female-friendly golf clubs in the UK.

St Andrews old course

St Andrews old course is both the oldest and one of the most renowned courses in the world. Having housed the game since 1754, the club moved into the modern day in 2014 and allowed women to play the course. More than 85% of it’s members voted for this change and the tee is open to women and men equally. The club also has a strong representation of women sitting on the board of governors and serving on every club committee so women will always feel welcome here and the hotel here : The Old Course Hotel is exceptional. Overlooking St Andrews old course the facilities are second to none, from fine dining to luxurious spa facilities this hotel will not disappoint even the most discerning of tastes.

Gleneagles Scotland

Rated by Forbes magazine, as “the most magical place on earth” this is a course with a five star luxury hotel, spa and Golf resort, with the perfect setting. Set in more than 850 acres of hills and streams this resort is both stunning and steeped in history. The course, being the only venue in Europe, to have hosted both the Ryder cup, and the female tournament, the Solheim cup, welcomes women with open arms. The Spa, dining and shopping facilities within the hotel are an experience in themselves.. and that’s before you Tee off. Gleneagles Scotland is set in the Perthshire countryside, and whether you are staying at the hotel or not, is a place to visit at any time of year for a truly luxurious experience.

Lundin Ladies Golf Club

Lundin Ladies Golf Club, close to St Andrews old course, is the oldest ladies club and is managed by a complete female team. While both men and women can play at the course, only women can become full members of the golf club. Designed by James Braid, the course offers nine holes, with plenty of interesting challenges, including a burn, roughs, and even standing stones.

The course is both family-friendly and female-friendly, with all holes measuring less than 2300 yards.

Sunningdale Ladies Golf Club

This historical golf club was founded to ensure ladies had their own course independent of Sunningdale Golf Club, where women were not allowed to play. It is considered a golf course for royal women, based in the borough of Windsor and with The Queen Mother being captain of the club for a number of years. Now, Sunningdale Heath in Berkshire prides itself on its forward thinking family-friendly approach. Set amongst beautiful countryside and less than an hours travel from the heart of London, this course is a convenient option when visiting the capital

Luton Hoo

For a luxury golf break, Luton Hoo provides a fantastic female-friendly option. The ladies’ course here is 6143 yards, set across gorgeous parkland. On-site, you can find a beautiful five-star hotel and country club with a luxury spa. The site covers around 1000 acres, offering a peaceful and relaxing golf break in landscaped nature.

Kingsbarns Golf Links

For a different golfing experience, links golf can be a fantastic way to test your golf skills and try new techniques. The benefit of Kingsbarns Golf Links is that it doesn’t have a handicap restriction making it an ideal course for any player. Despite no handicap restriction, it’s both a fun and challenging course, stretching along a beautiful coastline; it was also the home to the Women’s British Open in 2017. Combine with a trip to St Andrews and Lundin for a truly Scottish Golfing experience.

With lots of female-focused golf courses around the UK, as well as plenty of great golf clubs set in amazing scenery with extensive amenities, the UK offers great golfing breaks for a weekend away. And, if you are looking for golf attire for your trip to away Love Golf Clothes offer a range of women’s golf attire. Alternatively, head over to our collection and review our high performance ladies waterproof jackets delivering stylish waterproofs with the performance for the course.

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