The Must-Have dog walking essentials you need to know about before stepping out with your dog

Most dog owners will know that feeling, when reaching into their pocket for something quick and simple, and ending up with a whole host of chaos being unleashed. Bags flying everywhere or grabbing that wet, slobbery toy which was put back into the same pocket as tissues and other paraphernalia. And almost every dog owner will experience a time when they’ve changed jackets and don’t have those dog-walking essentials to hand.

So, what do dog owners really need before venturing outside? Here’s a must-have checklist to make sure both you and your pooch have everything you need for outdoor adventuring.


The Checklist For Dog-Walking Attire


1.      Water bottles

If you’re out on a long hike in the countryside, both you and the pup need to stay hydrated. A water bottle and collapsible bowl are vital for your dog, and don’t forget your own reusable bottle too!


2.      A dog walking bag

An organised dog walking bag can help to ensure you have everything you need for every dog walk, regardless of what you’re wearing. A good dog walking bag will have clips for the lead and whistle, a poo bag dispenser, breathable pockets to dry and store slobbery toys, an easy-reach pocket for treats and compartments for hand sanitiser, water bottles and a secure zip pouch for your phone and keys.


3.      Waterproof jacket

An essential for female dog owners is a comfortable and stylish women’s waterproof jacket with hood that can see you through every walk, whether it’s a drizzly early morning exercise or an unexpected shower while out on a hike. When choosing a dog walk-friendly jacket, consider pockets and the length that will be comfortable when out on a walk, especially if you’re navigating stiles and clambering over gates.


4.      Warm layers

Whether you’re at the park while your dog is tearing around with its friends or standing in the field waiting for the pup to do its business, dog walks can be very chilly. A warm mid-layer can help to keep you toasty, especially if it protects from the wind too. You may also want to consider gloves and hats to stay comfortable on colder days.


5.      Proofing liquid

If your dogs regularly jump up or like to shake off the rain right next to your legs, then washing your jeans or trousers with a waterproof repellent can help to give your favourite outdoor trousers extra protection. It is important to check whether your trousers are suitable for this, but washing and ironing with waterproofing repellancy products such as “Grangers” or “Nixwax” means you can brush off water droplets and mud with ease.


6.      Reflective collar

If you’re out in the dark, a reflective collar for your dog can be essential to keep them safe. You can find many collars that have reflective elements that look just as good in the day as at night; some will also have in-built lights and can be important attire for your pup when they’re out on a dusk/evening walk.


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