Top 10 essential items to pack when travelling to the UK

If you’re excited about travelling to the UK, you may be considering what to bring and what to wear. It pays to be ready before you embark on your UK vacation to ensure you see all the beauty of this region of the world, whatever the weather throws at you! Slightly unpredictable temperatures, especially in summer, can be a trait across all areas of the UK , and whilst record high temperatures have been recorded in the last few years, rain will be on the agenda at some point in your stay.  Us brits love weather (we are renowned for our obsession with it) and although a soggy day trapesing around the shops can be hard going, Scottish Lochs and England’s finest Lakes  are some of the most atmospheric places to visit whatever the weather throws at you – just make sure you bring the right weather gear and you’ll be happy to be under those clouds.

Here are the essential items to pack for your tour of the UK, Regardless of the season of the weather.

Crease-free layering pieces

In the UK, layering is key regardless of the season and a great way to optimise on your packing. Think day dresses layered with leggings and base layers for colder days which can be discarded easily when the sun shows it’s face. The iconic waterproof trench coat synonymous with British style has been a staple for many years for good reason. Timeless in its style, this piece can be thrown over every outfit choice for day or evening wear protecting you from the elements from strolling the city streets, to an amble in the countryside and out for dinner in the evening. The UK has a very casual approach to evening wear. Anything goes from trainers to shorts, to dazzling evening dresses so it really isn’t necessary to pack to many outfits for one day. 

Don’t forget the Shoes

Trainers are pretty much worn everywhere in the UK, being one of the biggest lasting fashion trends over the last 10 year. Worn with evening wear and day wear, the trainer is accepted into pretty much every restaurant and venue, so pounding the city streets sightseeing doesn’t need to stop after dark when you fancy  bite to eat. Water tight options are now available so hunt out a pair which suit both your practical and aesthetic senses and you’ll possibly never have them off.

Keep those Bugs away!

Bring some bug repellent with you if you’re travelling to the UK in the summer. Scotland in particular can be prone to midges between the months of June and late September. Traditional pharmaceutical repellents or natural alternatives are available.. and bring a full length sleeved t-shirt so you can cover up in the evenings when these little blighters come out and do their worst.

Raincoat is a must

Rainfall can occur at any time of year in the UK, in any season, and can range from brief showers to even heavy snowfall in the spring months. We advise bringing a waterproof, windproof,  and breathable raincoat. Raincoats for women, and men have become  a lot more stylish over the last few years with fabric innovations creating pieces which offer protection from the rain without looking like a traditional noisy raincoat that rustles when you walk. Versatile rainwear ensures your raincoat offers comfort, comes complete with an ergonomically cut hood (none of this umbrella nonsense needed) and looks good with all your outfits across every activity allowing you to “keep calm and carry on” as the natives do.

Protection from UV rays

Despite the changeable weather in the UK, long hot spells are frequent and when the weather draws in, cloud cover still means UV rays are present and can lead to a false sense of security. Sunglasses and sunscreen are year-round defences for your skin and a must for travelling to the UK.

A Daypack to Save The Day

Bring a backpack or cross-body bag, to store all of your daily necessities so you can keep a sense of freedom as you amble over country styles, walk the coastal paths or navigate the underground system in London with your tube map in hand. Backpacks in London are essential for storing water, your raincoat and your valuables all in one place without restricting you relaxation time watching the sights and scenes in this great.

A pair of Binoculars

Birdwatching is a huge past time in the UK and areas of outstanding natural beauty such as The lake district, the many lochs of Scotland, The Peak district and the Pennines offer fabulous opportunities to spot the flourishing wildlife the UK has to offer. If you’re an architect buff, many of the exquisite details of some of the oldest buildings in the world are up high above you and it’s amazing to see the detail of work hidden from the public eye

UK Plug Adapter

A three pin plug, type G is used in the UK. It is important to remember that the UK utilises a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. Global adaptors are a good alternative to purchase so you are ready to go on your next adventure once you’re jet lag and bank balance have recovered.

Naturally, A Camera

You’ll obviously want to snap hundreds of pictures when travelling to the UK to remember your picture-perfect in every season. Phones these days have great camera technology but some of the high magnification cameras allow much more powerful zoom potential, and keeps those stunning photographic memories all in one place to view in the years ahead.

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