What makes us different

Our fabric technology separates us from the crowd – engineered alongside people who are specialists in their field. The soft, luxurious feel of the fabric, combined with aesthetics and the comfort of four-way stretch offers feminine practicality in it’s purest form.

Performance protection guaranteed

We use an environmentally sound highly waterproof and windproof fabric technology that is also incredibly breathable. Our technology is based on a stretch laminate waterproof fabric treated with a zero-carbon content water resistant coating to the surface. This allows our pieces to be worn across all seasons, during all activities, and due to the lightweight four-way stretch fabric, can be easily layered in sub zero temperatures. Every piece in the collection comes with a 2 year waterproof guarantee.

Attention to detail

From removable or concealed hoods designed to stay up and have generous coverage, to laser cutting and heat welding features for sleekness, security zip pockets and adjustable drawcords to shape and protect in all weather conditions, we make our garments with thoughtfulness, engineering and care.

A different kind of quality

No restriction of movement, no noisy rustle and a luxurious, soft hand feel allows the pieces to be layered effortlessly over blazers, jumpers or padded coats (in sub zero temperatures).

Simplicity and time saving

Crease resistant, easy care, and highly durable. Outerwear that can be worn, packed, washed and taken anywhere – perfect for travelling, commuting and busy lives.

Our partners and responsibility

We strongly believe that an all-female team from design to manufacture makes a tangible difference to our products. We carefully pick our partners and relationships are based on ethical, design, innovation and technical reasons. With female management from fabric mill to factory manufacture they’re a close part of our team and a crucial part of the brand DNA.