2 Years Timeless.

All our garments come with a no fuss 2 year guarantee on waterproof performance….just remember to follow the care instructions.

Every so often we recommend reproofing your jacket. The laminate will still keep you dry and is not affected by washing, the reproofing will simply increase the resistance to any water sitting on the surface of your garment. This is the same with all waterproof and breathable garments. We recommend you use NIKWAX® TX Direct Wash-In, or GRANGER’S performance repel.

All our pieces in our collection are completely safe to wash at 30°C. with non biological detergent.

Please tie up all drawcords before washing so they don’t get caught in your machine (inner and hood drawcords) and do ensure you iron (if needed) on a one dot iron to avoid marking the fabric.

  • Our waterproof guarantee relates to purchases from March 2015 onwards and when care instructions above have been followed in full.
  • Proof of purchase must be supplied unless bought directly from this site.
  • Products must be returned for examination.
  • We reserve the right to reject claims where care instructions have not been followed.
  • The guarantee relates to waterproof performance only and does not cover any accidental damage or general wear and tear associated with use (holes, tears, rips etc).
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