Where it began

In 2014 Protected Species launched a new concept: style-led high performance waterproof outerwear for women. By fusing iconic timeless British design, truly at home in the city, with serious weather-proofing for extreme terrain, a collection was born which takes multifunctional living to a new level. Designed and engineered by women living in our rainy UK cities, this is urban high performance outerwear specifically for women and suitable for wear anywhere.

About the team

The founders Anne and Rebecca – living and breathing in rainy UK cities started this journey together, driven to engineer a jacket suitable in style for their everyday city lifestyles, but with performance protection normally only associated with outdoor gear.

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Our partners and responsibility

We strongly believe that an all-female team from design to manufacture makes a tangible difference to our products. We carefully pick our partners and relationships are based on ethical, design, innovation and technical reasons. With female management from fabric mill to factory manufacture they’re a close part of our team and a crucial part of the brand DNA.

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Who we design for

The design focus is clean, unfussy and sophisticated. Blending iconic design inspiration with innovation drives demand from a discerning, thoughtful, consumer. The brand is not about fashion trends, or travelling with the herd, but about a lifestyle choice embracing individuality, confidence, simplicity and freedom.

What we believe in

We believe in innovation, but real lifestyle changing innovation takes time. Protected species took two years in the making – designing, developing, prototyping again and again, wearer trials, performance assessments until we had something we were proud of and loved, and that others said they never took off. Fusing timeless style with true innovation and aspirational quality results in a product which lasts a lifetime and can be used for everything – the antithesis of throw away fashion prevalent today.