Protected Species was founded by an all female team, with the desire to create beautiful, truly functional outerwear for women unlike anything in the market. They wanted jackets that fitted into their lifestyle – lightweight, luxurious and versatile.

All they could find was made for outdoors but not for comfort and style. It didn’t cater to the female figure. It wasn’t designed to be worn in an urban setting as well as on a hike.  And it didn’t fuse the iconic, minimalistic designs they desired with free movement and waterproof technology. 

Protected Species changed all that. A collection which reinforces personal style and helps create your own path. 

We created our jackets for our customers. This is our story.

Protected Species founder and creative director Rebecca McElligott is known for her skills in the technical performance clothing arena and love of the great outdoors.  

After studying clothing design at the London College of Fashion, Rebecca worked for global sportswear brands, creating high-performance technical clothing for some of the top sports athletes in the world. Her days were filled with exploring purposeful functional details and testing new fabric innovations.  

It was her work in this field that showed her the need for a women’s jacket that was both stylish and functional – an essential wardrobe addition she herself desperately wanted but couldn’t find. 

“My life, as with most women I know, consists of juggling work, family and social commitments. One day I could be hopping on a plane to attend a trade show, the next doing the daily commute to work, and at the weekend, letting off steam in the hills of Snowdonia. Yet in my job I was producing performance, solution-based technical clothing which wasn’t suitable in style, fabric feel, comfort or body fit to me as a female. These pieces  didn’t fit into my existing wardrobe or my daily lifestyle needs.”

It took her two years to craft fabrics with the highest waterproof and breathability performance ratings into tailored, timeless designs. 

And so a collection of outerwear pieces that morphs seamlessly into a woman’s everyday wardrobe and offered smart weather protection was born. 

Manufacturing methods: the factory

The boutique factory used to manufacture the Protected Species collection is owned by Carrie. She and her close team are an integral part of the brand.

Her expertise and genuine understanding, knowledge and love for this collection shine through. She genuinely understands what our customers are looking for. Rebecca and Carrie tirelessly work together to craft feminine shapes and trial new product features. 

Carrie’s highly skilled team consists largely of friends and family who live locally and are trained in all areas of the business. Each machinist in her small factory can complete the entire makeup of a jacket from start to finish – unusual in today’s working practices. These harmonious conditions, and the quality it delivers, are extremely important to the brand. 

“Yes, it can be frustrating to be out of stock of particular items but we are proud of our slow, considered processes where each machinist engages in producing high-quality items.  Each jacket is created to stand the test of time by a  skilled team who care about the finished product, and that’s a big part of what makes us tick here at Protected Species”.

Manufacturing methods: our fabric mill

The Mill produces our fabrics and is managed by Greta and is Oeko tex certified which means every product is tested to ensure it is free from harmful chemicals and safe to wear. 

The Mill is also blue sign certified – a standard received after a rigorous assessment of the mill’s complete supply chain. They test for hazardous chemicals and ensure strict adherence to stringent air, water and pollution control. 

And we go even further in our commitment for a greener future: the fabric mill itself publicly declares its own carbon footprint. 

Rebecca, Carrie and Greta work closely together to deliver the Protected Species vision. They take pride in creating limited collections which are the antithesis of fast fashion, delivering seasonless and timeless performance pieces that will soon become your must-have.  

“We no longer live in a world where clothing can be worn for one season and be thrown away. A minimal, intelligent wardrobe simplifies your life, reduces waste and supports sustainable living. Our customers think the same way – it is so inspiring to hear from them”.