Technology that doesn't break a sweat

Waterproof, windproof And breathable

Three times more waterproof than you expect. Windproof and breathable come rain or shine. 5000mm is the rating set by British standards for the amount of water pressure weighing down on the surface of a fabric before it can be deemed waterproof. Our collection can take three times this performance at 15,000mm, and because waterproofing without breathability is a seriously sweaty affair, our breathability ratings are engineered to match this rating. Every seam is sealed on all pieces in our collection with a waterproof tape, which ensures its weather defence, and we stamp a 2-year waterproof guarantee for peace of mind.

Engineered for women

Design and cut matters when it comes to engineering waterproof outwear and we have a lot to offer.  The features we use extend to all pieces in our collection and make everyday life just that little bit simpler:


Secret 3-way adjustable hoods can be tucked away in seconds and fix securely in place in windy conditions without obscuring sight. Soft, luxurious fabric stretches with no noise or restriction. Full length cuffs use adjusters to seal out wind and rain. Deep security zipped pockets keep valuables safe without the need for bags. Adjustable drawcords shape to taste and fit. Laser cut and heat welded technology offer a modern clean quality finish.

Outerwear to go everywhere

Our collection is designed with the purpose to travel everywhere you go.

We sketch, think, research and draft. Once we receive the first samples from the factory we get going and take them with us on all of our adventures. That way we can be sure that every feature we add is useful for everyday activities in a woman’s life. All samples are fitted on women and adjusted to the female shape. If we don’t like the look or can think of a place we couldn’t wear our design, we won’t produce it. It’s as simple as that.

Liberating movement and comfort using four-way performance stretch

Parkour athlete, Saskia Neville, has tested our pieces to the limit. Loose fit or tailored pieces Saskia has performed wearing them all and proven: our four-way stretch technology provides zero restriction in movement and complete comfort.


Four-way stretch moves in every direction. Soft, fluid, noiseless fabric which contours the body whilst offering ultimate smartness. Creaseless, lightweight and easy care to lighten the load.