Technical performance ratings:15,000mm 15,000mm/H20/24hrs moisture

From 3-way ergonomically cut adjustable hoods that secure tightly in windy conditions and don’t obscure vision, to laser cut and heat welded softly shaped cuffs that curve gently over the wrist for a quality protective finish. We are product people and ensuring weatherproof protection is only the start…



Delivering Waterproof, Windproof And Breathability Ratings Three Times Those Set By British Standards, The fabrics we use are thoroughly tested in laboratory conditions. A hydrostatic head forces a volume of water, under pressure, onto the surface of the fabric and measures the point at which the fabric leaks. This Waterproof Rating (WR) for our fabrics achieves a volume of 15,000mm.  The breathability of our fabric, or moisture vapour permeability (MVP), is measured after reviewing the amount of water which has passed through the fabric after a 24 hour period.  Our fabric performs to a rating in excess of: 15,000mm/H20/24hr. 

Every Seam Has Been Sealed with a waterproof tape To Create a completely water tight shell  to ensure our products are 100% waterproof even in the stormiest of conditions


Every waterproof jacket comes complete with a performance hood stowed in the back collar or remove-able at the collar. Our hoods have been cut ergonomically to ensure complete coverage without obscuring vision for practicality and safety purposes. To add to this feature, every hood has a 3-way adjustable function which means volume can be reduced across the hood’s width and its circumference. This can then adapt to head shapes and hairstyles but imperatively ensures our hoods won’t slip off in windy and blustery conditions.


Every design must blend seamlessly with a woman’s wardrobe. Timeless, seasonless shapes that enhance outfits for both work and play, trousers and dresses, day or evening wear are offered in beautifully muted colours which surpass the vagaries of changing fashions and stand the test of time. Once a design has fulfilled this concept, the details begin. Deep security zipped pockets to allow freedom from bags, laser cut and heat welded finishes to plackets and cuff adjusters create an aspirational performance finish, a stud security system for belts to prevent loss, and finally it’s all about the shape. Creatively cut to flatter  with adjustable features to contour to taste and fit, the collection has been conceived, designed, cut and manufactured by women. We think the difference is tangible.


Our signature fluid, soft, stretchable outer layer fabric is laminated to a high performance micro-porous membrane. No water molecules can pass through this membrane but moisture vapour transfers through with ease. The result is waterproof outerwear delivering extreme comfort. Unlike rubber or waxed alternatives, this method of waterproofing allows the body to move and breathe as well as feeling soft and tactile. Running up a hill, or running for the train our technology will perform for the long term.

2 Year Waterproof Guarantee
2 Year Waterproof Guarantee
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