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Between juggling families, careers, and outdoor adventures, it took us, three female friends and colleagues, experienced in delivering technical performance collections for other global brands, two years to develop the concept of a sustainable female focused waterproof outerwear collection. Working and playing in beautiful cities around the UK, but with a deep love for the expansive countryside skies, Protected Species was driven by the need we had, as women, for truly high-performance weather protection which didn’t clash with our everyday wardrobes. We wanted smart waterproof outerwear which complemented our style, felt completely unrestrictive and comfortable to wear, and as a result traversed all the demands thrown at us in our daily worlds.

Our Background

Our many years’ experience in technical design and manufacture told us what we wanted to do could be done, but it was our time working alongside the top tour players in the world of golf developing high-performance fabrics for the game which really honed our ideas.

Outerwear for the professionals on the golf course needed to be watertight in order to play 18 holes in torrential rain on the windiest of Scottish courses, have four-way stretch for absolutely no restriction in swing and, alongside that, be noiseless. Furthermore it needed to be easy-care, crease free and ultimately smart when dragged out of a golf bag. These performance attributes have now been evolved into an iconic style-led collection of waterproof outerwear specifically engineered for women with busy multifaceted lifestyles.

Evolving with you

Since we started, our philosophy here at Protected Species has truly grown through our daily discussions with you our loyal customers. The many discussions we have regarding the multitude of places our customers wear our collection has truly made us think. We continually look for ways to make our manufacturing as sustainable as possible, and our drive for creating a piece of clothing which performs consistently across a multitude of activities, is, we believe, the true antithesis of fast fashion.

So, armed with a like-minded customer by our side, driven to simplify life, reduce clutter and waste, we will continue to fill the gap in offering performance clothing which function as beautifully as they look.

Our Partners

Carrie is a young entrepreneur juggling a family and making a difference in her local community. She owns her factory and her machinists are her friends, each of whom she has expertly trained in every process so they can complete an entire garment from start to finish. As a result, her small team take real pride in what they do. They all live locally so Carrie and her family work and socialise with her team and it’s really good to feel the happy, harmonious environment. Carrie and the Protected Species team have a mutual trust and respect. She describes her work as “art” and with this we would definitely agree!

So, onto our fabric mill, managed by Greta. The mill uses eco energy, eco materials and eco engineering. The business achieves Oeketex standard, is Blue Sign certified, and it declares its carbon footprint. Greta’s mill specialises in what they do, and it’s inspiring to discuss new innovations over a cup of tea when we meet up together.

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