10 Easy Places to Travel Alone If You Are Female

There are few experiences more valuable in life than travel and it can be especially enriching to head out on a solo trip. Even if it might seem intimidating at first to travel alone as a female, it can actually turn out to be an incredibly freeing and empowering experience. Plus, travelling alone can actually be less stressful, as you won’t need to coordinate your travel plans and everyone else’s preferences when on your own trip. Luckily, there are tons of easy places to travel alone if you are female. Not sure of any solo female-friendly travel destinations? Read on for a list of ten places that are just waiting to welcome you!

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Wondering where to travel alone if you are female? Iceland just happens to be one of the safest places in the world for women; in fact, the Institute for Economics and Peace releases a Global Peace Index every year and Iceland is listed at number one for the most peaceful country. Aside from not having to worry about safety as you explore on your own, there are also loads of activities to enjoy, including paddling in the futuristic Blue Lagoon and spotting the majestic Northern Lights. If you decide to take part in a glacier hike, make sure to pack one of our Protected Species Waterproof Coat Women’s. We have several versatile waterproof options to choose from including the ready-for-adventure hooded bomber jacket womens to keep you protected from the brisk Icelandic elements.

  1. New York City, New York, United States

“The City That Never Sleeps” is a great option if you want to have a jam-packed itinerary. From seeing a Broadway show to walking through Central Park, it’s impossible to get bored in New York City. Female travellers can also take part in lots of solitary activities, including taking in exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or checking out the Statue of Liberty. The city is bursting with exciting dining opportunities, so you can enjoy a delicious meal each evening as you mentally recap all the highlights from your NY adventure.

  1. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva’s nickname is actually “The Peace Capital” and it really lives up to it, so as long as you keep your eye out for any pickpockets you can easily enjoy your solo time here. Doing some kind of activity in the Alps (nature hike, skiing, etc.) is almost mandatory, so make sure to set aside plenty of time to gape (jaw-almost-certainly-open) at the stunning scenery. Although Switzerland can be pretty pricey, take yourself for a stroll through the local markets for more affordable (yet still delicious) fare.


Amsterdam is an ideal place to travel alone if you’re female.

  1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is also known as one of the safest countries in Europe (and super easy to get around on foot). There’s plenty to do for solo travellers, including a visit to the world-famous Van Gogh Museum, brushing up on some history at the Anne Frank House, and spotting authentic Dutch windmills at Westerpark. The city is also known for its delectable desserts – which you won’t have to worry about sharing if you’re travelling alone!

  1. Montreal, Canada

Canadians are known for being some of the nicest people around, which makes Canada an ideal destination for solo female travellers. Montreal is home to the riverfront Old Port, historical buildings that date back to the 1600s, and plenty of sumptuous French cuisine. Montreal can also be less expensive than some of its European counterparts, so it’s a great pick for women travelling on a budget.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

In need of a vacation that is completely dedicated to the fine art of relaxation? Don’t we all. Well, you won’t be able to find a more peaceful place than Bali. This lush beach-lined spiritual mecca is bursting with ancient temples, yoga studios and excellent restaurants (of which there’s an incredibly diverse vegan scene). If you are in need of some true ‘alone time’, Bali is a superb destination to unwind as you can choose from traditional budget-friendly lodgings or indulge in pure luxury at an upscale resort.

  1. Costa Rica

Walk pretty much anywhere in Costa Rica and you’ll find helpful locals who’ll make you feel safe. Whether you’d like to experience some solo adventures such as ziplining in the jungle or trying your hand (or foot!) at surfing, or if you’d just like to hang out on the beach, Costa Rica offers the kind of rejuvenating, tropical getaway that you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Tokyo makes for a perfect solo female-friendly destination.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is basically a solo traveller’s dream: it’s incredibly safe, clean, and easy to get around – there are even some trains that offer female-only cabins. Plus, Tokyo is designed to make it easy for people to dine alone (especially at ramen and sushi bars), so you won’t look out of place as a solo diner. There are even some hotel rooms that are designed specifically for single travellers, meaning that you’ll get a smaller space without having to pay for a room built for two! With a multitude of shopping options and picturesque walks (don’t miss the cherry blossom trees), there’s plenty to keep you busy on your Japanese holiday.

  1. Santiago, Chile

If you’d like to explore South America, Santiago is the perfect place to start. It’s a safe, easy-to-navigate city with many separate European-style neighbourhoods that are ripe for touring. There are also several impressive art museums as well as a bustling nightlife to keep you occupied after the sun goes down. If you’d like to be more active, the Santiago hills (or cerros) are great for hiking and having some quiet time just to yourself.

  1. Singapore

Singapore’s tourism has been booming since the success of Crazy Rich Asians shone a spotlight on the exotic location. This has only helped the country to become even cleaner and safer for tourists. Plus, plenty of easy-to-use public transportation makes getting around a breeze. Make sure to check out the elaborate temples and the fun hubbub at Clarke Quay.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and head out on a solo adventure then after you’ve booked your flight, make sure you’re packing all of the necessary travel essentials: the right adapter, comfortable shoes, and adaptable clothes that will work for your intended climate. Pieces like our waterproof bomber, city walker, and parka are all easy to pack and versatile to wear wherever your travels take you. Don’t be put off by travelling alone as a woman – just think of it as time alone with your favourite person, exploring all the wonderful things the world has to offer!