5 Best Products To Simplify Your Life In Seconds

Ever get that feeling that you’re always trying to juggle a hundred different things at once? You’re definitely not alone – in this nonstop world, we could all use some help making life feel more manageable. Luckily, the fashion community is starting to take notice of the need for multifunctional products that can be transitioned into every part of a woman’s busy day. Additionally, women are tending to align more with sustainable, ethically-focused brands that allow them to purchase items that last for a lifetime. So, if you’re wondering how to simplify your life while remaining stylish and eco-friendly, here’s a list of five of the best products for a minimalist lifestyle.

  1. Travel Aviator Jeans

If you’re after a pair of jeans that will work for a variety of tasks, it’s a good idea to buy a pair of travel jeans. These trousers are typically designed to be ultra-comfortable, so you can wear them on a busy trip, through a full day of running after your kids, or during a casual day at the office. One interesting brand to look at would be Aviator – a US-based denim company with a strong focus on travel. Their premium denim blend is durable and fast-drying, so it’s ideal if you’re heading out on a travel adventure. But the best part? Check out the two hidden zipper-secure back pockets for you to stash a credit card or some cash. There’s also a fifth pocket for your phone, so you can wear these jeans without having to worry about toting a purse whenever you need to rush out of the house. With a comfy fit and a reasonable price tag, you can wear them when you need to accomplish a variety of tasks – from running errands to touring a new city on holiday.

aviator jeans

Comfy sneakers can be one of the best ways to simplify your life.

  1. Allbirds Shoes

A comfortable pair of shoes is one of the best products to simplify your life. If you simply don’t have time to change shoes between fitting in a workout at the gym and heading to the store, Allbirds shoes make for ideal multifunctional footwear. They have a variety of merino wool runners in a bunch of different colours that are unbelievably comfortable as well as very stylish. If you want to make sure you’re purchasing sustainable products, Allbirds also has a tree runner style that’s made from eucalyptus tree fibre that (amazingly!) doesn’t detract from their comfort-level one iota. The brand even uses recycled bottles and cardboard for their green manufacturing processes. Plus, all of their shoes come with the same £95 price tag, so you don’t have to sacrifice too much of your hard-earned money for a multi-use product. Wherever your day takes you, these shoes will help you accomplish your goals…and look damned cool while you’re at it.

  1. Over In On Travel Dress

Interested in curating a capsule wardrobe that allows you to focus on simplicity? A travel dress lets you purchase one item that can be worn multiple ways. One option is the Over In One Dress from minimalist brand ADAY, which can be styled as a relaxed layering piece, cinched at the waist for an effortless all-day look, or open as a vest. This dress is made from a breathable, pilling-resistant, stretchy, sweat-wicking and wrinkle-free fabric, so it’s both easy to pack for travelling and low maintenance when you get to your destination. The Over In One Dress will fit perfectly into a capsule wardrobe because of its minimalist style and ability to be worn for lots of different activities. You’ll also rack up eco-friendly points by purchasing just one item that can be used in so many versatile ways instead of loading your wardrobe with ten items to do the job of one.

ladies waterproof jackets

Ladies waterproof jackets are essential for any capsule wardrobe.

  1. Protected Species City Walker Jacket

In need of a ladies waterproof jacket? Generally speaking, there aren’t a lot of jackets that look fashionable while still being completely functional. Enter, the City Walker Jacket from Protected Species. One of our most versatile styles, The City Walker, which is available in six chic colours, will have you covered even in the worst weather. It comes with a concealable and adjustable hood and a drawcord on the hem, so you can fit it precisely to your shape. Our minimalist laser-cut design sports zippered pockets to stash your phone and/or cash and will ensure that you look stylish even when being shielded from the rain and wind. As a brand we focus not only on ethically-sourced and sustainable fabrics but also on functionality, adaptability and practicality, which means you can wear this ladies waterproof jacket for a multitude of activities – from stomping the city to walking the dog and even hiking a mountain!

  1. Easy-To-Store Tote Bag

The bag-for-life concept has been around for a while now and it’s a good one, however, they tend to have two glaring problems – they’re not fashionable and they don’t pack particularly well, meaning that you’re often caught short when on an impromptu trip to the store because you’ve left your BFL in the boot of your car. “Have you got your own bags?” the cashier will ask. “I do…just not with me,” you’ll reply with sheepish embarrassment. Furthermore, many supermarket-made bags-for-life actually require 20 years of use before they’ve paid back their manufacturing footprint. Two decades! One brand that’s turning this problem on its head is BAGGU, their OG reusable tote being the refreshingly small-to-store and water-resistant foldable bag that propelled them into the mainstream. Available in a seemingly endless array of cute colours and patterns, when packed away they’re about the size of a tissue purse and can be easily stored in pretty much any size bag for when you’re out and about and want to make an on-the-spot purchase. 

With simplicity being the name of the game, you need your fashion products to work for you, not against you. So, whether you’re travelling to a new city or just getting things done at home, you need items that can be easily transitioned throughout your busy life. Try these five products to help introduce a little more flexibility and ease into your day.