4 Sleek Activewear Items For Cyclists

One thing is true of all cyclists: they love being outside. Whether it’s the city streets of your own urban jungle or the rolling hills around a tiny, picturesque village, cycling outdoors means you need the right gear – breathable, waterproof, functional and sustainable. At Protected Species, we care about producing activewear ethically, which is why we’ve come up with some must-have activewear for cyclists, particularly those who prefer minimalist cycling apparel. Our sleek activewear items for cyclists can help you combine your love of the outdoors and cycling with your love of the planet and the people you share it with.

Activewear for Cyclists: What Do You Really Need?

You’ve got a bike, so what now? As any cyclist can tell you, it’s the little things that make a ride more comfortable. Since cycling is a physical activity, you need to make sure to dress right for the weather. When it’s rainy, you need waterproof gear. When it’s cold, you need to wear breathable layers that you can strip away as you warm up. When it’s hot, you need clothes that protect your skin from the sun but also prevent you from getting overheated. It seems like a tall order, but the truth is that finding the right gear isn’t that tough!

Get a Great Cycling Jersey

A cycling jersey as a base layer helps to wick moisture away from your skin, evaporating it without making you colder when the weather’s cold out, but keeping you cool when it’s warm. Make sure to choose jerseys especially made for cycling, because they’re cut to fit well in the riding position. Large pockets at the rear also make a great place to stash some snacks while you’re on the road.

OORR is a cycling apparel firm that has jerseys infused with coffee grounds. This helps them to dry twice as fast as other cycling jerseys and provides more odour control to boot. It’s got built-in UV protection and a zipper that can allow you to make it more or less breathable, depending on what you want.

A Proper Cycling Jacket is a Must

Rainwear for cyclists is super important. You can layer a jersey with a lightweight jacket to help keep the rain and wind out. Just be careful that you choose a jacket with a snug fit, since one that is too large will flap in the wind and slow you down on the road. Protected Species’ waterproof bomber jacket is a great piece to add to your cycling wardrobe, since it fits all the road demands by being breathable and waterproof.

Protected Species Rain Bomber

The Protected Species Rain Bomber – perfect for your cycling wardrobe

The Proper Shorts or Pants

The proper biking shorts and pants are almost as important as the type of saddle you have on your bike. They contain a chamois that is adapted differently for men and women as well as different thicknesses in order to provide proper padding. It’s often recommended that you use a hard saddle and a pair of pants that have a thick chamois to help you sink into the chamois more effectively as you ride – something that later you’ll be glad you did!

REI has a variety of bike shorts and pants with variable chamois. Plus, they expect their suppliers to adhere to and exceed their brand’s five sustainability standards. So you can ensure you’re getting a quality pair of biking shorts or pants from an ethical seller.

Helmets – Don’t Leave Home Without One!

Of course, it’s important to keep your head protected when you’re on the road. Every cyclist needs a good helmet! When choosing your helmet remember that the lighter it is, the better. A lighter helmet will encourage better ventilation. It should also properly cover your entire head, so make sure to measure the circumference of your head before you go shopping. The circumference in centimetres is the correct size for a helmet.

Abus makes a cycling helmet called the Ecolution Helmet. Made from recycled cardboard as a base, it’s lighter than many other helmets on the market and can also absorb a much greater impact due to its unique honeycomb design. 

cyclist helmets

Photo by Coen van den Broek on Unsplash

What About Urban Cyclists?

If you’re not a serious cycler but instead simply enjoy commuting to and from work on your bike, do you really need all this gear? In short, yes.

How functional your clothing needs to be really depends on how far you plan to go. If it’s only a couple of blocks, then you may not need anything beyond a warm parka that’s waterproof. But you cannot skip on a proper helmet any time you get on your bike, no matter how short the trip.

Your love of the great outdoors and the freedom a bike gives you is likely what inspired you to ever mount up in the first place. Luckily, you can now combine your love of cycling and your love for the planet with sustainable and ethical brands like Protected Species – and look sleek and functional as you go about your sport.

Feature image by Roxanne Desgagnés on Unsplash