6 Innovative Products to Make Travelling Easier

For someone focused on using sustainable and eco-friendly products, it can sometimes feel challenging to uphold these standards when you’re travelling. Maintaining a minimalist lifestyle can feel difficult when you’re touring a new city or hiking up a mountain trail. Fortunately, more companies are producing innovative products for female travellers that allow them to be green while still simplifying their lives. Here’s a look at some of the best travel essentials for women on the market today.

  1. Vespula Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to optimise efficiency when packing, so that after arriving in a new destination your luggage is neatly packed away and ordered into handy sections, rather than erupting into a confusing mess – no need to dig, just look for the right label and you’re there. The Packing Cubes from Vespula are pretty inexpensive at £10.99 each, so you can stock up on as many as you need to store everything from your clothes to your toiletries. As each one works as a compression bag, you can pack your items more tightly, allowing for a lot more space in your suitcase (or a smaller suitcase – hello, no checked baggage!). The best part is that these cubes are sustainable, as they’re manufactured from high-quality polyester fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. They’re also shipped in eco-friendly cardboard box packaging, so you can feel good about every element of the purchase. 

Solar Chargers: Products to Make Travelling Easier

Solar chargers can free you from having to find an outlet while you’re out exploring.

  1. Freeloader Solar Supercharger

If you’re heading on an adventure that might limit your access to outlets, an eco-friendly solar supercharger could be your new best friend. The solar supercharger from Freeloader is easily in the running as one of the must-have products to make travelling easier. This adaptable, portable solar charger can charge a full range of electronics (including your smartphone, tablet, camera, etc.). It works in all daylight conditions (i.e. even with heavy cloud) and at a wide range of temperatures, so you can have easy access to power no matter where your journey takes you. Plus, with a reasonable price tag of £49.99, you can nab this charger without breaking the bank (or requiring you to load up on even more gadgets). And if you’re trying to be more green, this charger allows you to rely on clean solar power instead of electricity. Never worry about finding an outlet on your travels again – just stash your supercharger in your bag and get on with your trip.

  1. Protected Species Parka

As Billy Connelly once said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” This is a phrase we took to heart when creating our versatile parka. It’s no longer necessary to fear destinations with inclement weather, just make sure to pack your Protected Species Parka – one of the best womens waterproof jackets for travel – and you’ll be good to go for any adventure life throws at you. Our parka will completely protect you from rain and wind with its breathable fabric and adjustable hood while remaining sleek and fashionable, meaning that you don’t have to hide your style underneath a heavy coat. We also pride ourselves on providing products that stand the test of time (that’s why each parka comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee). Not only can this parka work in a variety of travel settings (from hiking in the woods to touring museums in the city), it’s also made from sustainable products. We offer several other versatile styles that lend themselves well to travel, including the Rain Bomber and the Waterproof City Walker. Whichever one you pick will make you feel fashion-forward and like a traveller who’s ready for anything – even a rainstorm in the Sumatran jungle!

  1. Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottles

Any smart traveller knows that packing liquids is much easier when you have your own containers. However, this can sometimes backfire, leaving you with an unholy mess on your hands if your plastic bottles open during transit – there is NOTHING worse than getting to your destination only to discover that your sun cream has leaked all over your everything. Matador has come up with a solution that’s both easy to use and eco-friendly. The FlatPak Toiletry Bottles are designed for minimalist travel since they’re five times lighter and more than three times more compact than traditional silicone travel bottles. Their sustainability comes from using welded Cordura fabric, which is manufactured with recycled and renewable components, minimal waste, and reduced energy consumption. They’re also three ounces, which is TSA-approved for carry-on travel and are waterproof. Plus, the snap loop ensures that all of your liquids and gels will be secure. The bottles can even end up allowing you to pack more because the bottle will conform to however much liquid you have inside, meaning that there’s no wasted space in your luggage. Never leave your extra toiletries at home again – pack all the toothpaste, shampoo, and body wash you need in these handy little travel packs!

the perfect backpack for travelling

Finding the perfect backpack can make travelling a breeze.

  1. KoveredUK Waxed Canvas Leather Backpack

As an itinerant, ethically conscious traveller, not just any backpack will do – you’ll want something innovative, sustainable and stylish that can withstand the test of time and a variety of rough and tumble adventures. One option is KoveredUK’s Wax Canvas Leather Backpack that’s available on Etsy. This handmade product is made from 100% reclaimed leather, making it a great choice for the sustainably-focused shopper. It also has natural wax protection and durable, double-lined cotton fabric, which means it can withstand a fair bit of beating. Plus, the several interior pockets and a roll-top fasten system make it perfect for on-the-go activities. One of our favourite elements is its timeless vintage style that imbues beauty while remaining multifunctional and supremely practical.

  1. Scrubba Wash Bag

Tired of searching for somewhere to do your laundry while you’re on holiday? It can be such a pain to take time out for this task, especially if you’re camping or staying at a place without laundry facilities. No need to worry anymore – the Scrubba Wash Bag (available for £46) is basically the world’s smallest washing machine. The pocket-sized bag (weighing less than 142g) allows you to wash your clothes no matter where you are in the world by using its internal flexible washboard. In just six easy steps, you can achieve a machine-quality wash. Internal ‘nobules’ work to effectively clean your clothes and the transparent window lets you monitor washing and water levels while you do your laundry. The bag even doubles as a dry-bag when you’re done with washing. The Scrubba Wash Bag saves both money and water as a more wallet- and eco-friendly laundry option.

The whole point of travelling is to get a break from the stress of your day-to-day life. That’s why you need innovative products that will make your trips easier. Whether you pack your waterproof parka or a solar charger for your phone, your travel products should simplify your life while still letting you live sustainably. Check out the items listed above for some ideas on how to become the most prepared traveller possible.