5 Autumnal Fashion Trends To Keep You Dry And Looking Stylish

Whether you’re a ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’ or not (women of a certain age will no doubt remember The Kinks’ somewhat unusually-titled song from back in the day…), it’s hard not to notice the regular changing fashion trends. Each season of the year brings a flurry of new styles, new patterns, new colours. While we prefer to focus more on timeless styles and cuts than seasonally in/out attire, we will admit to taking a sneaky peak at the current trends and colours for outfit inspiration. In fact, it’s often difficult NOT to follow trends when buying new clothes, as certain shops and boutiques will only offer selections of that season’s colour and style. Have you ever tried seeking out a blue jumper when the season’s colours are pistachio green and pastel purple? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!

What Are The Current Autumn Fashion Trends?

This year’s autumn collections included a little something for everyone; whether you’re into powerplay pantsuits or ultra-femme florals, there’s an autumnal style and colour palette to match every sartorial taste. 

2019’s autumn was big on colour, so long as you stick to just the one. Monochrome ensembles are an easy way to style a minimalist look while still appearing put together and fashion forward. The added bonus of this trend is that it makes it much easier to style, as matching cuts and cloth matter less when you’re working from a shared colour palette. We love this trend, as it lends itself to longevity and won’t necessarily require additional purchases – we all lean towards buying our favourite colour, so the likelihood is they’ll already be enough in your wardrobe to pull together an all [insert colour preference here] look.

Head-to-toe leather is making a splash and if you opt for a vegan leather alternative then it’s likely you’ll be shower-proof to boot! We were also happy to see a continuation of fashion designed not only for the female gaze but for female comfort and utility, too. Iconic pantsuits made with sumptuously drapey fabrics, bigger shoulders and wider legs, cinched at the waist with a thick belt to accentuate the female form ruled the runways this year. With deep pockets and lines similar to loungewear, these designs were clearly made for comfort and confidence. Match your pantsuit with a Protected Species Commuter or Mac to finish this office-ready style. 

Moody florals with Victorian silhouettes, tailored boiler suits, and sneaks of plaid (an autumn fashion trend as reliable as the seasons, especially handy if made in the traditional wool – a durable fabric that’s highly absorbent, heat-retaining and, if properly looked after, can withstand an unexpected downpour or two) also made a showing. 

Trends aside, as autumn invariably means lots of cold and damp weather (we do get blessed with the odd bright, crisp day, of course) it’s usually wise to be prepared with some waterproof clothing for when the weather changes as quickly as we know it can. So, let’s take a look at some autumnal fashion staples that will keep you dry and looking stylish year in, year out:

A Waterproof and Windproof Parka

Our waterproof parka is completely breathable and comes with a reassuring two-year waterproof guarantee. It features internal drawcord adjusters at the waist and hem, security zipped pockets, and an adjustable and concealable hood. It’s lightweight, so allows for layering underneath to keep you warm and dry. As with all our products, it’s designed to stand the test of time and is manufactured in our eco-friendly fabric mill. 

grey waterproof parka

A women’s grey parka coat is an ideal wardrobe staple for autumn’s unpredictable weather.

Waterproof Mac

Our Waterproof Mac is anything but basic! It’s styled like a trench coat with deep pockets, a belt and a hem drawcord to help it hang beautifully. It has a good-size hood that’s removable as well as elegantly curved heat-welded storm flaps.

Bomber Jacket

If you want something that’s a little more casual but that will still keep you dry then take a look at our Waterproof Bomber Jacket. It’s a wonderfully contemporary and relaxed style that is fully waterproof and breathable. It features an elegantly shaped, dropped-back hem with a drawcord adjuster. How many jackets have you owned where the hood won’t stay up when you’re battling the elements – or, if it does stay up, only covers half of your hair? Our Rain Bomber features a new, improved fully adjustable hood, which gives you an even better fit and therefore more protection from the wind and rain.

waterproof bomber jacket

You won’t go far wrong with a women’s khaki bomber jacket as one of your autumn essentials this year.

Waterproof Winter Parka

If you’re looking for a smart waterproof women’s coat, but need something with a bit more guaranteed warmth, our new waterproof winter parka could certainly fit the bill. Just as stylish as our regular parka, this winter version is slightly longer and is lined throughout the body, sleeves and pockets with a low weight, high warmth fleece which won’t bobble. The design retains our signature fluid silhouette that allows you to be both stylish and warm (two elements that don’t necessarily always go together)!

These are just a few of our waterproof jackets, all of which will keep you dry and looking dapper this autumn and winter. If you want a few more ideas, check out our suggestions for five iconic outerwear pieces to keep in your wardrobe.

Bring it on, autumn…we’re ready for you!