8 Mother’s Day Activities For The Adventurous Mum

Let’s face it – your mum will love whatever she’s given for Mother’s Day. It’s the mother’s creed: Love everything your children give you, even if it’s a scrap of paper with ‘I love you’ scrawled on it. What most mums want is to know you care, and that has nothing to do with gifts – it has to do with your time. But we’re sure you still want to give your mum something you know she’s really going to love, especially if she has an adventurous spirit! And what better way to show her you care than by planning something really unique for your exceptional and daring mum? Below are a few Mother’s Day activity ideas for the adventurous mum!

1. Take Her for a Mother’s Day Picnic 

Topping the list of best outdoor Mother’s Day activities is a classic picnic. How many meals has your mum cooked for you over the years? Return the favour by putting together a nice lunch or brunch and take your mum to a picnic at her favourite outdoor spot. This allows you to spend time together and enjoy a beautiful view. It’s a memory she won’t soon forget. 

2. Clean Up a Trail Together

Wondering what to get a mum who loves the outdoors (but already has everything)? If your mum loves to get outside and explore the trails, then get together with her on Mother’s Day and clean up a spot that could use a little TLC. Work with your mum to pick up rubbish and beautify a place you can enjoy together. It’s an original Mother’s Day gift with the added feel-good bonus of giving something back to the planet. Think of it as a gift for your mum and Mother Earth all at the same time.

3. Take Her on a Fun Run (or Bike)

If your mum is the running kind, find out if there’s a Mother’s Day run in your area. Fire up Google and do a search for a 5K or 10K you can do together, or maybe a fun run through the mud. It’s a great way to connect with your mum and get healthy. Alternatively, if your mum loves to go cycling, see if there’s a ride going on nearby around Mother’s Day. To put the icing on the cake, gift her a new Protected Species jacket to begin your outdoor adventure – it’ll be a winner!

outdoor mothers day

Image by Courtney Kenady on Unsplash: Outdoor Mother’s Day activities are the way to win the heart of any adventurous mum!

4. Go Llama Trekking

When was the last time your mum took a llama for a walk?! In Cumbria, you can do just that. At Once Upon a Llama, you can take a two-and-a-half-hour trek with these furry animals across a beautiful landscape. (You might want to pick up a Protected Species parka just in case!)

5. Take an Outdoor Class

Still on the topic of gift ideas for nature-loving mums: has your mum ever wanted to learn how to kayak, paddleboard, practice Tai Chi in the park or take up some other equally adventurous sport that she never seems to get around to? Well, find a class for your mum and sign her up! Many mums put themselves on the backburner, so take charge and sign your mum up for an outdoorsy class you know she’s always wanted to try. 

6. Take Your Mum Glamping

If you’re looking for adventurous Mother’s Day activities that aren’t too adventurous, glamping is the answer. Why take your mum camping when you can take her glamping? All you need is a nice tent and some cosy bedding. Get creative and bring all the comforts of home outside for your mum; then add some special touches like flowers, rugs and other decorative bits and pieces. Even if you simply set up in your own garden, it’s sure to be a memory your mum will cherish. 


Image by Lucija Ros on Unsplash: Even if your adventurous mum doesn’t like camping, she may like glamping this Mother’s Day!

7. Go on a Road Trip

Adventurous mums love to go to new places. Find an interesting place you can drive to together, then load up your car with snacks, water and maps before hitting the road. Map out some crazy roadside oddities that you can drop in and see, like the Upside-Down House in Bournemouth or the Lost Gardens of Hegelian in Cornwall. You might even want to channel your inner Thelma + Louise (minus the tragedy, of course) by renting a convertible and snapping some selfies. It’ll be a trip that will create new memories for both of you – a gift that keeps on giving. 

8. Work in the Garden

Your mum can give you a million chores to do over the course of your life, but when was the last time you volunteered to do something for her? If you have a mum with a green thumb, work in her garden together for a day. Take her to the nursery to pick out some new flowers or plants and then take them home and plant them together. It’s the little things that can make a mum happy.

Don’t fall back on the idea that your mum will love just anything. Surprise her this Mother’s Day with an experience that combines the two things she loves most: adventure and you! 

Featured image by James Wheeler on Unsplash