Become A Dog Walker And Discover New Places

As a nation of animal lovers, it can seem like everyone has a furry housemate. Dog ownership has jumped from 22% to 33% in the last ten years, with UK homes being shared with 12.5 million dogs. 

Whether work, health or location, there are many reasons why having a four-legged companion isn’t always practical or feasible for many people. However, with dog ownership increasing, many people are looking for dog walking and socialisation support for their pets. This can be a great way to get your dog fix, enjoy fresh air, exercise with a furry companion, and explore new places – without the responsibility of owning your own dog. So, why not invest in a new dog walking jacket, dust off the walking boots and find your new favourite dog walks?

How To Offer Free Dog Walking :

Borrow My Doggy :

This site connects owners and borrowers together, depending on individual requirements. Dog owners can find a trusted local walker and companion to help owners who need help with their pups. Borrowers can state what support they can offer, whether dog-sitting, visits or walks. A premium version of the site also includes insurance and vet access for greater peace of mind.

This can be a great way to create a routine or one-off dog walks with owners in your local community and can be a great way to get to know your local area. 

Trusted Housesitters :

If you fancy going further afield, signing up to be a house and petsitter can help you explore a new region with a furry companion in tow. For pet owners, this service offers peace of mind and enables pets to feel settled and comfortable at home. For housesitters, it’s a chance to explore a new area and can even feel like a holiday in itself! 

Cinnamon Trust :

The Cinnamon Trust is a charity that relies on volunteer pet support to help elderly and terminally ill people with their pets. Dog walking volunteers are often in high demand, and this can be a fantastic way to give back to your local community. You may also find you build relationships with the pet owners too who can recommend some of their favourite walks, which may give you a new perspective on your local area. 

Benefits Of Dog Walking :

  • 93% of people say that walking a dog makes them feel less stressed
  • Improves fitness and cardiovascular health
  • Encourages healthy habits and could help you increase your daily step count
  • Improves the mental health of you and the dog
  • Offers a break in routine when exploring somewhere new
  • Increases confidence in exploring and fitness

Whether you’re looking to get out and about more in your local area or combining the benefits of travelling with pet-sitting, there are many ways to enjoy the advantages and happiness that dog walks can bring, even if you’re not able to have your own dog at the moment. 

The other benefit is that dog walking is a low cost, too – you won’t need to buy all of the necessary dog food, insurance, leads and accessories. All you need is a pair of comfortable walking shoes and waterproof dog walking coats, and you and your new furry pal will be set for every adventure.