• The top 10 dog walking must-haves to make walking the dog just that bit more relaxing

    When heading out on a dog walk, many people get ready on autopilot with a quick pat of the pockets to ensure all the essentials are in the right place. However, it doesn’t take long until we’re putting up with inconveniences while on a dog walk, rather than making it as relaxing as possible.  Whether …

  • How to Choose a Waterproof Jacket

    The things you need to know before purchasing a women’s waterproof jacket   Being a lover of the outdoors, owner of a lady’s waterproof brand, and someone who has worked for many years developing technical products for many outdoor and sports performance brands, you’d think that suggesting the best waterproof jackets for women would be …

  • Autumn Fashion Trends 2021

    Whether you’re a ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’ or not (women of a certain age will no doubt remember The Kinks’ somewhat unusually-titled song from back in the day…), it’s hard not to notice the regular changing fashion trends. Each season of the year brings a flurry of new styles, new patterns, new colours. While we …

  • How to Style your Parka to Up Your Fashion Game

    The weather in the U.K. makes having a good waterproof jacket a necessity. These days unexpected rainfall is a daily part of life, but wearing an outdoor jacket doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your style.  The waterproof parka is a great way to protect yourself from the rain without looking like you’re heading …

  • Green interior design inspiration

    Vivamus enim sagittis aptent hac mi dui a per aptent suspendisse cras odio bibendum augue rhoncus laoreet dui praesent sodales sodales. Dign

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