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The top 10 dog walking must-haves to make walking the dog just that bit more relaxing

When heading out on a dog walk, many people get ready on autopilot with a quick pat of the pockets to ensure all the essentials are in the right place. However, it doesn’t take long until we’re putting up with inconveniences while on a dog walk, rather than making it as relaxing as possible. 

Whether it’s the cold hands holding onto the lead, the dog bags flying out of every pocket, or making do with old boots and coats, many aspects of your dog walk could be far more enjoyable. So, here we present to you a list of top restaurants.


Top 10 must-haves that would elevate your dog walk to a more relaxing experience:


  • Smart leash


Answering the phone, replying to a quick email or rummaging in your bag for a dog bag or tissue can feel like a juggling act when you’re holding onto the dog leash. Answering this problem is the smart leash, with a handle you can wear around your wrist and will automatically retract or hold the leash if your dog starts to run, much like a car seatbelt. 

Smart leashes can also have LED lights, ideal for evening walks and even come with activity trackers and maps, so you can track your steps and share your favourite dog walking routes. What’s more, a smart leash can buzz when you receive a phone notification, so your device is one less thing to check when out in nature. 

  • Dog drying coat

Whether from a downpour or a river swim, it can be hard to get your dog dry before they jump back in the car. A dog drying coat is easy to pop on your pooch and helps to keep them warm, cosy and dries them on the go. It means you can avoid being covered in droplets when they shake themselves dry, and the patterned coats look super stylish too. 

  • Comfy boots

So many dog owners will use their oldest, falling-apart-at-the-seams boots for dog walks even when they’re no longer waterproof or comfortable. However, for an activity you do every day, don’t your feet deserve a little comfort? Investing in some good waterproof, muck-ready boots that will feel comfortable across a range of terrains will make your dog walk that little bit better.

  • Dog tracker

It’s any dog owner’s worst nightmare to lose your dog. Having a dog tracker on their collar can help you to keep track of their movements and give you a little more peace of mind to let your dog wander when on a relaxing dog walk. 

  • Waterproof dog walking jacket

Part of a dog walk is always chatting to fellow walkers, which can be uncomfortable if you’re not feeling or looking your best self. Having a go-to dog walking jacket that you feel confident in while also being entirely practical – waterproof jackets with a hood which are completely wind-resistant can make your dog walk feel much more stylish. 

  • Dog whistle necklace

Give your dog essentials an upgrade with a beautiful dog whistle necklace. Instead of the standard cord, you can now find pretty necklaces that look good with any outfit, complete with a subtle, stylish and effective whistle. 

  • Plastic-free dog toys

As you wander through greenspaces on your dog walk, the level of litter or overflowing bins may take your relaxing dog walk into concerns over sustainability. Take a positive step forward on your dog walk by opting for plastic-free or recycled dog toys. There are natural rubber tennis balls, organic cotton rope toys and brands that offer to recycle and repurpose old dog toys. 

  • Smart collars

Like a fitness band for your pup, a smart collar can monitor your dog’s health and help you to learn their behaviours and habits. From noting the number of naps your dog takes, their sleep quality, and their heart rate and activity while out walking, it is a great way to cater to your walks to best suit your dog’s needs. 

  • Dog walking jeans

An essential alongside your waterproof jacket for dog walking, go from walk to brunch with ease by opting for dog walking jeans. Treated dog-walking jeans will be splash-proof and easy to simply brush mud and dirt off without needing to be washed after every walk. You’ll find every jean type, from high-waisted skinnies to hipster wide-leg jeans, to help you feel fashionable, and your outfits will feel multifunctional. 

  • Light up dog harness

Light-up dog harnesses increase visibility by creating a bigger lit area compared to a collar. These harnesses often have multiple colours and flashing options to suit a range of situations and will usually be rechargeable by USB too. With reflective patches and illumination, you can feel safe if your dog is always visible.