How to Style Yourself for Winter (And Avoid the Frump Factor…)

Winter fashion can be really fun. As soon as the weather gets chillier, you get to finally break out those cosy cardigans and warm scarves! However, fashion this time of year can also be a little bit tricky. It’s easy to feel frumpy when you’re trussed up in layer upon layer with a bulky winter coat to top it off. But it is possible to style yourself for winter without looking like the Michelin Man. In fact, there are plenty of elegant winter looks that will have you right on-trend for the season. Read on for some tips on how to style yourself for winter (in spite of that pesky cold weather).

Remember balance is key.

If you’re wondering how to avoid looking frumpy in winter, there’s one important aspect to dressing yourself that you should keep in mind. It’s crucial that your looks always remain balanced so there’s no extra volume on your figure. This means only one loose clothing item at a time. For example, baggy or loose trousers should only be paired with form-fitting tops, while flowing blouses look better with skinny jeans or tighter trousers. Keep in mind that it’s still more than okay for you to show off your figure during the winter! So, dress with the goal in mind of having a clean silhouette without any added bulk.

Throw on those turtlenecks.

Turtlenecks have always been one of the easiest ways to give you extra warmth without causing you to have to pile on a bunch of heavy sweaters. Opt for simple, basic-coloured turtlenecks, since these can be paired with multiple looks in your wardrobe. They’re also a great piece that fits for multiple occasions, which is critical if you’re balancing several different areas of your life (i.e. family, work, social life, etc.). Plus, you can dress them up or down – with a pair of jeans and a vest, or under a dress for a more sophisticated look. Turtlenecks can also be easily paired with our new waterproof winter parka. It’s lined with fleece for extra warmth, but won’t add extra bulk to your outfit either.

winter styling

Image by Laura Dewilde on Unsplash: Pairing skirts with tights means you can stay warm while avoiding winter frumpiness.

Don’t be afraid to keep skirts in your rotation.

In general, it can feel like skirts don’t work too well during winter. But you can definitely switch up your look by keeping skirts in your wardrobe rotation the whole year long. You can throw on a pair of tights or even leggings underneath so you won’t be too cold. If you’re feeling a tad more adventurous, patterned tights can give your outfit some extra flare. Keeping skirts in your wardrobe during winter also gives you more options, so you won’t feel like you need to purchase more unnecessary items just for colder weather.

Swap those clunky boots for booties.

Although inclement weather can make it seem like heavy-duty boots are must-haves, you shouldn’t feel tied to these as your only option in winter. In fact, booties can keep you just as protected from bad weather, and they look much more fun! Plus, this more feminine choice means you won’t be wearing clunky boots that take up half your leg, so your entire outfit will look less frumpy overall.

Belt your coat.

This can seem really simple, but sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make a big difference in your style choices. Belting your coat is great for showing off your figure. Bringing you in at the waist gives you a much more streamlined look, so you can feel less hidden away by all of your layers. Our coats also come with drawcord adjusters at the waist and hem to help give you the shape you need to look the most pulled-together. 

Opt for a bright colour or pattern.

Since the winter season can sometimes make you feel like you’re stuck in the doldrums, it’s easy to fall into the pattern of wearing only drab or neutral colours. Break out of that monochrome wardrobe by adding in a little pop of colour or a pattern to your day-to-day look. You can try a bold choice, like a brightly coloured blouse, or a subtle elegant twist, like a beautifully patterned scarf. Even if your wardrobe tends to be on the minimalist side that sticks to one muted colour palette, you can always switch things up by adding a little bit of brightness. And you never know – a little pop of colour could help lift you out of the winter blues, too!

winter styling

Image by Subhkaran Singh on Unsplash: Choosing to add a little bit of colour into your wardrobe will keep you looking fresh during winter.

Try incorporating an interesting fabric. 

One way to win the game of ‘Winter Styles 2020’ is to try adding a unique fabric choice to some of your outfits. Flowing chiffon was really popular at London Fashion Week recently, so don’t be afraid to try out fabrics that are traditionally worn during other times of the year. One technically more appropriate winter fabric is velvet. It can add a more luxe feel to your wardrobe, even when it’s just worn with jeans or dark trousers.

Add accessories to step up your style game.

Including accessories with your day-to-day looks can help you appear less frumpy and way more stylish. Winter offers loads of fun accessory options, including scarves, beanies and gloves. If you’re a little hesitant to bust out the bright colours during winter, choosing colourful accessories can be a smaller and easier step in that direction. Adding a bright yellow beanie or a rich purple scarf to your outfit can take your look from blah to brilliant in an instant.

There’s no reason you need to feel frumpy or boring during the winter season. Try out some of these tips, and you’ll be looking fashion-forward right through to the first spring blooms!

Featured image by Bundo Kim on Unsplash