3 Best Scandinavian Destinations For Solo Female Travellers

Scandinavian and Nordic countries are known for their natural beauty, progressively sound societal standards, and of course their level of happiness overall. In 2018, the countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland were at the top of the United Nation’s World Happiness Report, with Norway snatching up the honour of first place. The report measured the standards of the country’s health, income, freedom, honesty, generosity and good governance, making these scenically stunning countries that much more desirable to travellers. 

Despite the higher cost of a vacation to these countries, loosening up the purse strings may be well worth it to have that memorable solo vacation solely based on the fact that women are treated pretty fairly, more so than any other places in the world. In the Global Gender Gap Index, the Scandinavian countries listed above were named the most equal. Knowing that, female travellers from all over the world can find comfort in their level of safety while travelling alone. Picking the best destination for solo female travellers from the Scandinavian options really depends on leisure preferences, as opposed to the focus of personal security that many women may worry about when travelling alone. 

Is it safe to travel to Norway alone?

Norway offers some of the most beautiful naturalistic scenery in the world. Aside from its location bordering Russia and Finland, the country is also along the Arctic Ocean, providing some of the greatest views of the water. For a Cheryl Strayed-esque adventure, it’s one of the best places in the world. 

The country, being one of the most socially accepting places, offers solo women the chance to adventure on their own with a lower level of worry. Women are generally not exposed to the same threats that stick in the back of their minds when experiencing other cultures without a travel companion to have their back in case something menacing arises. Depending on personal preferences, there are both bustling city getaways and quiet, ‘find your peace’ places to go to when travelling to Norway. 

For the solo female traveller who loves nightlife and a heavy dose of culture, the capital city of Oslo is the perfect place to plan a vacation. It’s unlike any other concrete jungle – mainly because of its lush green spaces sprawled throughout the city’s many metropolitan attractions. 

There are over 30 museums in the city, ranging from niche to niche. The Vigeland Sculpture Park is home to over 200 world-famous sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland over 150 years ago. For a unique taste of world history, the Historical Museum is the must-see destination. The cultural smorgasbord of pieces and exhibitions give the solo female traveller a window into the past like no other museum in the world. 

mountain in norway

Image by Sharon Christina Rørvik on Unsplash: The safety of solo female travel in Norway makes it one of the best for both scenic beauty and a stress-free vacation.

To connect with nature in a truly serene way, Tromsø – known most notably as the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’ – is one of Mother Nature’s greatest miracles. During the winter months, the country goes dark, and in that darkness comes a light – the Aurora Borealis. Also known as the Northern Lights, the spectacular sight dances in the sky over Tromsø unlike any other place in the world. During the daylight hours, there are beautiful fjords bordering the Norwegian Sea, tours designed solely to catch a glimpse of the majestic killer whale in its natural habitat, and an abundance of local wildlife to take in while hiking the coast.  

Is it safe to travel to Denmark alone?

Of all the Scandinavian travel ideas for solo females, Denmark is also high on the list because of its safety level, ease of navigation, and culture. Much like Norway, Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. This, coupled with its reasonable costs for dining, entertainment and events, make it a worthy travel destination for women who want a personal travel experience. 

The cold city of Copenhagen is perfect for any woman wanting to dip her toes into the sea of solo travelling. The country is set up with tourists in mind and is unmatched in the ways of safety and communication. The language barrier is also much less intimidating than that of other places around the world – English is one of the main languages spoken in Copenhagen. 

There are plenty of ways to make the most out of your solo exploration of Denmark. Visiting Copenhagen’s open market of Reffen will make eating alone a revered experience, if you’re worried about eating alone in a more ‘table for two?’ kind of restaurant. The Rosenborg Castle showcases some of Denmark’s most coveted jewels and an impressive outdoor garden in the summer months.

The natural tranquillity of Denmark will melt away daily stress, but for an extra boost of serenity, Møns Klint, the chalk cliffs in the Danish countryside, will put life into perspective and a newfound sense of peace into the mind. Denmark is on the small side, so there’s very little limitation in terms of visiting places across the country. 

Is it safe to travel to Sweden alone?

Taking a break from everyday life is what vacations are made for. Sweden is the perfect place to take a step back and breathe away the stress of accelerated lifestyle many North Americans and Europeans adhere to. Getting back to nature can reset the mind, and the country of Sweden is home to vast forests and lakes. Stockholm is chock-full of divine eateries and museums to help you get a taste of the Scandinavian lifestyle – but it also boasts a calming aspect across its countryside located inside the city limits. 

female travel sweden

Image by Geran de Klerk on Unsplash: For a true taste of solitude, Sweden is a great place for the solo female traveller.

For an even more laid-back experience, the collection of islands and rustic country vibes of Archipelago is perfect for an overnight stay away from Stockholm. To embrace the solitude of solo travel, The High Coast is an often-unutilised spot. The area is home to the beautiful Gulf of Bothnia, a not-to-be-missed beauty in the heart of Sweden. 

Final tips 

Although all three of the above Scandinavian countries offer their own little slice of heaven, it’s important to keep in mind the type of vacation you’re looking for. While Norway, Denmark and Sweden are home to natural beauty and cultural excellence, they can all be on the more expensive side depending on the hotels you stay in, restaurants you visit and tours you take. 

As the Northernmost European countries, they can also be on the chilly side – or downright cold – for the better part of the year, so packing accordingly is a must. To fit in with the crowd, bringing along your favourite Protected Species waterproof jacket will keep personal style as minimal and elegant as these three countries are. 

If you’re asking yourself ‘Is Europe safe for female travellers?’, then the answer is yes. But Denmark, Sweden and Norway in particular are the safest and happiest countries in the world, so when travelling solo, these three countries should be at the top of your bucket list. 

Featured image by Agnieszka Boeske on Unsplash