Stylish outdoor brands for women to know

Stylish outdoor brands for women to know

While outdoor wear used to be wearing old, tatty clothing that felt practical but not entirely functional or appealing, outdoor wear has become functional fashion in its own right. With more people spending time in nature and utilising their time outdoors to meet friends, catch up with family, and even take work meetings, many people are looking for style-led and functional outdoor wear. Moreover, it’s clothing to feel confident in, can easily transition from dog walking to brunches, and doesn’t look out of place for city days or being out in the country. 

With the rise in popularity for outdoor fashion that looks good, increases style confidence but is also ready for the elements, several outdoor brands are leading the way with fashionable, style-led, and technically adept clothing designs that are well worth checking out;

1. Arc’teryx veilance

The veilance range was launched in 2009 to deliver a modern silhouette with the latest technical innovations in outdoor wear. Pieces in the Arc’teryx veilance collection are typically minimalist, which is ideal for a capsule wardrobe and combine comfort with a tailored, stylish fit. 

For example, the Demlo tank dress is a classic tank top upper combined with a flattering A-line shape that skims the ankles, all made with a permeable, breathable material that looks effortless and has protection from mist and moisture too. 

2. Protected Species

Protected Species

A women’s only high performance waterproof outerwear brand, Protected Species pride themselves on engineering outerwear specifically for a woman’s needs. A collection of women’s lightweight waterproof jackets which not only keeps you completely dry in the stormiest of conditions, but which have been designed to fit seamlessly with your everyday wardrobe and with ever activity –  whether urban or countryside in nature. From the women’s waterproof parka to the tailored and elegantly oversized waterproof Trench coat, this brand creates some of the best waterproof jackets for women around fusing style and high level weather proofing properties perfectly.

3. Acai outdoors

Known primarily for their iconic waterproof Outdoor Skinnies, Acai outdoor wear provides colourful pieces for wearers to own their individuality while the fits remain on trend with the latest fashions. Whether through skinny-fit soft-shell trousers, straight-leg waterproof jeans, or air-wicking Breathe vests, each piece of clothing in the collection is carefully considered for its practical properties and style. 

Furthermore, Acai is strongly committed to sustainability, with each product sent with the environmental impact in mind.

4. Sorel boots

Sorel boots

A Style-led outdoor brand both fit for purpose and durable, Sorel boots are hitting the headlines due to the many celebrities that are choosing these boots for their fit and fashion. Sorel boots focus on being lightweight and comfortable while being weatherproof and warm for cold winter days. Waterproof suede, insulation and sneaker-style insoles are all common across the Sorel collection that takes wearers from the fields to urban settings with ease. 

The biggest sell for Sorel boots is their style which can be just as easily paired with outdoor leggings to smart dresses and skirts. 

5. Meander

Meander apparel is fast becoming a sustainable outdoor brand that offers highly functional clothing. The majority of the Meander collections is made from natural or recycled textiles, while the brand also works with Forest Carbon to not only reduce their emissions but have a positive impact on the planet. 

Meander designs are inspired by the Scandinavian style with a big focus on minimalism and comfort. Meander Long Weekender tees are soft and comfortable as well as being equipped with anti-odour technology, meaning they can be worn across a long weekend. In addition, the Weekender Base is ideal for layering and ensuring you’re fully equipped for whatever the weather brings. 

6. Findra


Using both recycled materials and warm Merino wool, Findra focuses on stylish pieces that are lightweight but continue to protect you from the elements. The brand was founded by a cyclist looking to close the gap between cycling wear and fashion. 

To continue to be inspired by nature, the Findra design hub remains in the Tweed Valley, where the outdoors can inspire the next generation of technical outdoor wear. 

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