The Best Places to Travel to in Europe This Autumn

Travelling to Europe in the Fall is an underrated yet incredible experience you should take advantage of whenever you can! While most people travel during the summer, spending the autumn in Europe has an entirely unique vibe. 

With cool and breezy weather, beautiful fall colours, and fewer crowds to navigate through, it’s no wonder autumn is the ideal season for travelling to Europe. If you find yourself able to take some time away from your busy schedule, head over to one of these European countries for the ultimate September holiday. 

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a remarkable medieval city with beautiful scenery and many waterways and canals. 

The autumn colours of red, brown, and orange can be seen in the beautiful natural landscape, where they create a picturesque atmosphere. Not only is nature a stunning sight to see, but the fall colours are also perfectly paired with the charming brick buildings and medieval architecture Bruges most famously boasts. In the Fall, the cool, temperate weather of Bruges, Belgium, makes it an excellent time for a casual canal cruise. This romantic city is the perfect location for a September long weekend getaway with your loved one. 

Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont, Italy

Located in the Northwestern region of Italy, Piedmont is one of the most breathtaking destinations for a September holiday. Take advantage of the serenity in the Fall as the Summers can get extremely hot and humid, making the trip less enjoyable. With awe-inspiring views of the snowy Mount Blanc mountain tops and the Po River, Fall in Piedmont is incomparable. Piedmont, Italy, is also a fun and lively autumn destination as it has plenty of harvesting fairs and festivals. These festivals tend to take place somewhere between September and November and last a few days at a time. There, you can enjoy local, authentic foods, wine, and truffles while enjoying live music. 

Oslo, Norway 

Oslo, Norway, is the perfect autumn destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, cycling, skiing, and hiking. Norway has plenty of greenery, majestic mountains, and snowy landscapes to explore. You may also want to consider bringing a women’s waterproof jacket if you are travelling for a September or October holiday as it may rain spontaneously. If you visit Oslo in late September, you may also get lucky and see the ethereal Northern Lights! 

Budapest, Hungary

Fall is the ideal time to visit Budapest, Hungary, as it has brisk weather, plenty of music and culture, and beautiful art displays. Budapest is a city rich in the arts as it was home to many influential figures such as Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok. In autumn, there are plenty of festivals, such as the illustrious CAFe Budapest Festival, which has 250 events at 47 venues. There, you can enjoy classical, pop, jazz, dance, theatre, and contemporary music performances. In the Fall, you can also enjoy an incredible walk through the underground caves and check out the hot springs that produce the thermal baths. As you walk through, it can be a bit brisk, so be sure to wear a thicker jacket. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Autumn in Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful times as the green leaves slowly turn into foliage. From Frederiksberg Gardens to Rosenborg Castle, there are plenty of locations to see the beautiful effects of autumn. While these outdoor locations are filled with a beautiful array of colours and greenery, you should remember the weather can be tumultuous in the autumn. Because of this, it is best to be prepared with plenty of warm layers and a ladies lightweight waterproof jacket. Copenhagen is also an excellent place to spend your Halloween as the Tivoli Gardens have a festive celebration with rides, pumpkin carvings, haunted houses, and plenty of scary decorations. 

Dublin, Ireland 

Spend a September long weekend in Dublin, Ireland, and enjoy a cosy date night at one of Dublin’s many pubs. Irish pubs are known for their friendly atmosphere, traditional music, and hearty pub food, which make them the perfect destination for a cold autumn day. The Bram Stoker Festival is also a must-see during October, as you can see the true gothic atmosphere of Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula” come to life. As one of the most famous writers of all time, Bram Stoker was a true Irishman born in Dublin in 1847. The city still celebrates his contributions to literature with its 3-day festival. 

Ireland, like some of the other destinations listed here, can have changeable weather at this time of year but they are still great places to visit to see the Autumnal change of colours and avoid the high summer crowds. Just pack your comfiest pair of trainers, your best women’s waterproof jacket, and your passport and let the adventures begin!


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