11 Outdoor Adventure Ideas For February’s School Holidays

Have your kids been waiting eagerly for school holidays? While they may be looking forward to it, you may have an entirely different perspective. Perhaps you simply don’t know how to fill the time during school holidays, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. Well, Protected Species has a few ideas to help you get outside this February and make these the best half-term school holidays yet. Here are some of the best outdoor adventure ideas for February’s school holidays (UK)!

1. Go Treasure Hunting

Have you heard of Treasure Trails? These adventures are available online to download and can be found all over the UK. You can go on a wizard-themed adventure, a mystery tour, or even a super-secret spy mission – it’s up to you. The trails are inexpensive and fun for the whole family, and the best part is that they don’t involve crowds or attractions; it’s just you and your children outside working together and having some fun. 

2. Travel Back in Time

Living in the UK has many advantages, and one of the best is that history is literally almost everywhere you turn. Take your children on an outdoor adventure to Hadrian’s Wall to explore the forts at Birdoswald and Housesteads. It might be a bit chilly out in February, but it’s nothing the right gear can’t conquer. Make sure to point out to your children they have far better parkas than the Romans did as they guarded the wall in the winter months!

outdoor adventures

Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash: One of the best outdoor adventures in the UK in winter is Hadrian’s Wall – and it’s a great history lesson, too!

3. Get to Know Peter Rabbit

If you’ve got a little fan of Peter Rabbit in your house, then why not take them to explore the World of Beatrix Potter? Located in the Lake District, this attraction offers themed tea for families, where you can read a story or two as you enjoy food and treats. 

4. Swing Around

There may actually be a few days over the February holidays where the British weather is cooperating. On days like those, when the sun is shining, seek out a climb at Go Ape. All around the UK, you can find these treetop adventures with ropes courses, obstacles and trails for some outdoor adventure. As long as you’re wearing your parka, there’s not a lot you can’t handle!

5. Go on an Animal Adventure

If you’re going to be near Chessington, make sure to check out their Animal Adventures. They offer storytime from the Night Zookeeper, meet-and-greets with some truly exotic animals, and tips and tricks for kids to learn how to be a zookeeper. And of course, don’t forget to check out the Chessington Zoo and their SEA LIFE centre while you’re there. 

6. Explore the National Trust

All over the country, there are various National Trust sites with fun and exciting things to offer. From ninja-themed trails to storytelling, look online for a schedule of events at a National Trust site near you – or not so near you if you feel like going on a little adventure.

7. Walk Along with an Alpaca

Who doesn’t like the fluffy, good-natured alpaca? If you and your family have always wanted to meet an alpaca and get to know these adorable creatures a bit better, then go to Warwickshire for Suzies’ Alpacas farm. You can go on walks with alpacas and learn more about them, and refreshments are included – making this one of the best outdoor adventures in the UK in Feb!


Image by Greg Lippert on Unsplash: Who doesn’t want an alpaca to be a part of their outdoor adventure ideas for February’s school holidays?

8. Get on a Mountain Bike

This winter you may not have gotten on your bikes as a family as much as you’d like. Remedy that with some mountain biking! Online you can check out We are Cycling UK. They have a tonne of resources to help you plan the perfect outing, from route guides to maintenance tips – they even give advice on teaching your children cycling skills. It’s a great activity that can be enjoyed no matter where you are.

9. Skiing and Snowboarding

Are you ready to try some skiing or snowboarding with the family? The Ski Club of Great Britain has the definitive list of all the indoor ski centres, ski resorts and dry slopes across the United Kingdom. Simply look for a place that’s close to you and give it a go!

10. Explore English Heritage

Who says that half-term school holidays can’t be educational? Throughout half-term break, English Heritage is hosting Hands on History events. They offer adventures to get your family’s creative juices flowing, from spy missions to fairy searches. Simply go to the English Heritage website to find an event near you.

11. Studio Tour

If the weather outside isn’t cooperating, there are adventures to be had inside, too – especially if you have Harry Potter fans at home! The Warner Bros Studio offers the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which takes you and your family magically behind the scenes to see props and sets from the Harry Potter films. You can walk through the Great Hall at Hogwarts or even fly your very own broomstick. You may even find a dragon or two at Gringotts if you’re lucky!

Trying out some of the best outdoor adventures in the UK winter can make this February’s school holidays the best yet. Simply branch out and explore a little to make this an unforgettable adventure for your whole family. Just don’t forget your parka!

Featured image by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash