Essential Packing List when travelling to the UK This Spring/Summer

Regardless of the season, travelling in the UK can demand packing a very versatile wardrobe; think womens hill walking jackets to a lightweight floaty summer evening dress – the weather and the activity can change rapidly here in the UK! The average spring temperature in the UK is around 11°C, while summer has an average daily temperature of 20 °C. However, with considerable variations in temperature and weather the risk of snow, rain, wind or heat waves in summer means you need to get your packing list right.

To help here is an essential packing list to help you navigate the tricky British weather while still travelling light.

Waterproof Walking Shoes

From coastal walks to muddy fields, waterproof walking shoes are a must-have for UK travel. Opting for lightweight, comfortable, waterproof walking shoes will see you through all UK activities and do not look out of place in a country pub. A space-saving pair of sandals can also be great to add to your bag if there’s space to let your feet breathe or for impromptu paddles in the sea.

Versatile Scarf

From keeping your hair in place during a windy walk, adding warmth on a cool day, sun protection on a hot day or upgrading an outfit with a pop of colour and style, a scarf is a must-have for UK travel. Choose a scarf that complements your colour palette but also adds a bold pop of colour or pattern to give your outfit an easy update when travelling light.

Layerable Clothing

The best way to pack light and still have the right clothes for a spring or summer break in the UK is to opt for thin, lightweight layerable clothing. Items such as long-sleeved tops, dresses, leggings and t-shirts can be used in a mix-match to create different outfits with the warmth you need. Opting for high-quality materials that offer breathable functionality, versatility, and quick drying can mean your travel wardrobe lasts for many adventures to come.

Waterproof Coat

An essential for travelling in the UK is a ladies waterproof coat. For spring and summer in the UK, a lightweight waterproof coat with hood that can be easily layered or folded and packed away in your day bag can be ideal when sightseeing or exploring the UK countryside. A Women’s waterproof parka is a good option having the classic deep funnel neck to ward against the wind and a good length for leg protection if the weather sets in – make sure it is fully waterproof and lightweight for easy packing.

Practical Day Bag

Whether city sightseeing or hiking along the UK trails, a daypack is a vital packing essential for UK travel. A day bag should be lightweight and comfortable to carry around with you and hold all your daily essentials such as phone, keys, water bottle, sunscreen, tissues, foldaway tote bag and hand sanitiser. You may need more if you have dogs joining you on your UK trip.
Make sure to have a bag that is big enough for the essentials but not too big that you end up filling it with things you don’t need and end up carrying around a much heavier bag than you need.

Get Ready for Your Next Spring/Summer Trip

Whatever your UK trip, from a fast-paced city break, an invigorating hiking trip or a more relaxed coastal stay, these essentials will see you through your trip and ensure you have everything you need for an enjoyable stay without having to overpack or overspend.

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