Here’s Why Ageing Is Something To Be Celebrated…

With adverts, influencers and magazines singing the benefits of anti-wrinkle creams and tabloid horror stories warning us of the perils of ageing, it’s no wonder that many people hate the thought of getting older.

Not only are we told to prevent wrinkles and fear grey hair, we’re also under immense pressure to achieve big milestones by a certain age, whether it’s to get married, get the dream job, buy the perfect home or have children. And with so much focus on achieving these traditional life goals at an early age, the joys of all the years that come after that are often overlooked.

Getting older is something to be celebrated! If you get wrinkles and grey hair and your boobs start to droop, count yourself lucky because these are inevitable signs of ageing and signs that you’re still alive!

Thankfully, although we’re under constant pressure to turn back the clock and reverse visible signs of ageing, research from Saga suggests that, as we age, we’re reluctant to let these negative messages get us down. In fact, confidence is something that improves with age, with 59% of over-50s reporting that they’ve grown more confident as the years have gone by.

The findings are a stark contrast from traditional stereotypes that suggest the older generation have less fun as they age and spend most of their time dreaming of their younger years.

In reality, the study suggests that as people age, they gain a sense of self-acceptance in looks, self-worth and socialising.

Women in particular gain confidence as they get older, with almost two thirds (63%) of women aged over 50 reporting that they feel more self-assured. More than half (51%) are more confident when socialising and 44% are more confident about their fashion sense than they were when they were younger.

The idea that women fade further into obscurity with each birthday is incredibly outdated and there’s a tremendous amount to look forward to, whether it’s celebrating more time with your friends and family; climbing further up the career ladder; or trekking the Himalayas with a bag on your back and a good pair of walking boots.


We’ll leave you with one of our favourite Instagram accounts, @alternativeageing. Created by Suzi Grant, Alternative Ageing is designed to spread the positive ageing message and help people look good and feel great whatever their age!


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