What To Wear In The UK This Summer

If you’re visiting the UK this summer, you might be wondering what to wear during your stay. The UK is world-famous for unpredictable weather. Will it rain? Quite possibly. Will the sun come out? It might do. Could the weather fluctuate throughout the course of a day? Who knows!

Team erratic weather with the huge choice of tourist attractions within the UK and it’s easy to see how important versatile, comfortable and reliable items of clothing are. One minute you could be strolling along a beach and the next you could be battling your way through a busy shopping centre. You might spend a morning on an open-top bus tour and an afternoon exploring art galleries and museums.

Comfy shoes

With so much to see and do during your visit to the UK, prepare for tons of walking. Comfortable shoes are a must so whether you opt for a pair of your favourite trainers or boots, you need something that won’t leave you with blisters by the end of the day.

If you’re spending time in the countryside, wellies or walking boots might be more suitable.

A waterproof coat

Although we certainly have the occasional summer heatwave in the UK, the chance of showers is depressingly high. A waterproof coat is a British wardrobe staple, so whether you’re spending a weekend in London or exploring Edinburgh for a few days, it’s wise to equip yourself with the necessary armour.

The Rain Bomber could be an ideal waterproof jacket if you’re looking for a coat that skims slightly past your waist for a casual yet flattering fit. It’s a contemporary and relaxed style with raglan sleeves, understated details and statement cuffs.

The Rain Bomber in Night Sky Navy

If you’re looking for something longer and more formal, the Waterproof Commuter could be just what you’re looking for. Made from our signature tactile fabric and moulded into a soft cocoon shape, this is an effortless yet sophisticated jacket that’s perfect for rainy days in the UK while also being versatile enough to be worn on dry and warm days too. The Waterproof Mac is another of our longer designs and can perfectly complement both formal and casual outfits.

Waterproof Commuter in Dark Olive Green


Layering is the key to a harmonious visit to the UK this summer. You need an outfit that will keep you warm during a windy visit to Stonehenge but can easily be stripped back when you’re sat in a cosy traditional English pub a few hours later. We’d recommend a thin jacket that can be teamed with a sweater or cardigan and perhaps a vest top or t-shirt so you can stay cool if the sun decides to shine.