What To Pack For A Vacation In London

Heading off to see the sights and sounds of London town? Whether you’re off on a girls’ trip, a romantic couple’s get-away or maybe a class reunion, you probably just secured the train tickets and accommodation then thought, “That’s it – done!” Well, now you actually have to decide what to pack for a vacation in London. Not an easy decision, of course. Gone are the days of taking everything with you bar the kitchen sink. Contemporary travelling is all about packing as little as possible (especially if you’re flying; who wants to pay the exorbitant fees for checking a bag these days?) but making sure that every occasion – and turn of weather – is catered for. Slightly easier if you’re packing for a summer visit to a Greek island, as you’re pretty much guaranteed blue skies and sunshine. London, however, can be somewhat more temperamental when it comes to the daily weather. So you really need to give your packing some careful thought.

Sustainable, ethically-produced women’s travel essentials for London

With 80s excess firmly in our rearview, we’re all so much more tuned into saving the planet nowadays. ‘Saving the planet’ is perhaps not the most erudite expression to use (it sounds like something a superhero might utter prior to donning his cape and taking to the skies with a carbon-neutral flourish) but we all know exactly what it means, thanks in no small part to real-life superhero David Attenborough. Thanks to Sir Dave et al., it’s common knowledge that cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing plastic production/usage and increasing recycling are de rigueur for the responsible modern day citizen. Something else that may not spring to mind immediately but is gaining in notoriety and popularity is ethically-sourced and sustainable clothing. Many companies are riding this green wave, one of them being Protected Species. We have a policy of using a locally-based, skilled workforce, meaning that employees can work close to their homes and families. Our versatile and stylish waterproof outerwear – a navy bomber jacket (womens) for example – is manufactured using only eco-friendly elements and environmentally sound principles. Sustainability in clothing is also a key issue and one that we have in mind with every design decision that we make. A fairly mind-blowing fact is that over £140 million worth of old, disintegrated or simply no-longer-required clothing ends up as landfill every year. Concentrates the mind, doesn’t it? If we can source timeless, stylish and high-quality clothes that are ethically manufactured and made to last, we’ll all be doing a little bit more to help ‘save the planet’. Read on to learn about our on-point suggestions for women’s travel essentials for London.

What To Pack For A Vacation In London

London climes can turn on a dime; be prepared for any weather eventuality with a stylish women’s waterproof trench coat.

Footwear for a vacation in London

Girls, we have to get this right…right?! Sore feet, blisters, etc. are a sure-fire way to spoil your mini-break. Let’s face it: if you’re heading to London, there’s going to be a fair amount of walking. You’ll no doubt want to visit the famous galleries, take a turn around the numerous lush parks, explore the vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods (hello Soho!) as well as generally eat, drink and be merry in England’s capital. All of this pavement pounding will require the right footwear and you can’t go far wrong with a great pair of sneakers. New Movement sneakers are beautifully stylish and come in a variety of sizes and colours. They use only natural, recycled materials; even the laces are made from recycled plastic bottles. They are made to last and are pretty flexible so they’ll fit nicely into your case without taking up too much room.

Every woman’s travel essential for London: the basic Tee

The great thing about the beloved T-shirt is that you can easily layer-up an outfit over the top of it and then strip everything off (bar the T-shirt of course) if the weather brightens up or you get warm from energetic walking. One innovative and exciting organic T-shirt company is 220g; the intriguing company name was borne out of a bit of fascinating research that the directors uncovered, namely that the preferred material weight for a T-shirt starts at 220 grams per square metre. The T-shirts are comfortingly heavy, which adds to their durability. The yarn is sourced from Turkey and the products are made in Lithuania by a company that (naturally) \

meets quality and fairness standards. A couple of these perfectly weighted tees should be a definite on your ‘what to pack for a vacation in London’ list!

A few more women’s travel essentials for London

A guaranteed fair trade company – – is the place to go to source a few more essentials. This company started out in 1991 and their core mission remains the same to this day. Artisan skills such as hand-weaving and hand-embroidery are employed, using organic cottons and responsible wool, and all the principles of Fair Trade are adhered to. Hit up this company for trousers, dresses, jumpsuits and even underwear; you’re sure to find a gem or two for your trip to London.

Bag it up

With all these wonderful clothes, you’re going to need a bag of some sort in which to carry them. But instead of unearthing your tired old bag from the back of the wardrobe, why not upgrade to one made of 100% recycled plastic bottles? Crumpler does a whole range of stylish and durable bags for every occasion – check out their range and prepare to be spoiled for choice.


Don’t forget your ladies lightweight waterproof jacket in case the blue turns to grey!

Ladies lightweight waterproof jacket

Now we come to the essential of all essentials. If you’re going anywhere in the UK then you need a waterproof jacket (the sad truth!) ’cause no one wants to lug an umbrella around, especially on top of everything else we have to carry. Gone are the days of the old, unflattering macs or heavy raincoats. Women’s fashion in 2019 calls for a waterproof but stylish jacket, one that won’t look out of place if it’s not actually raining but will offer full protection (including a hood to protect quick-to-frizz hair) if you do get caught in a shower. Protected Species offers a range of wonderful, performance-led and versatile raincoats. We’ve already touched on the ethics of the company and the sustainability of our products, but what you also need to know is that our products are sleek, flattering and sophisticated. For example, the Waterproof City Walker is perfectly lightweight for easy packing, thin enough to wear over layers of clothes without getting hot and sweaty, and stylish enough to make you look and feel uber-confident. It comes in a range of sizes and a choice of elegant, muted colours. The ladies Waterproof Parka is another option if you want to cover up a little more; or, if you want to go the whole hog and really make an impression, the women’s Waterproof Trench coat is the one for you.

These are just a few ideas of what to pack for a vacation in London; now it’s over to you! Enjoy your trip and if you do bump into Mr. Attenborough in Victoria Park, don’t forget to say hi from us.